How to buy your child's first piano

7th September 2016

Purchasing a new piano can be a difficult task and this is especially true if the buyer is not a pianist or a musician. Buying a piano is a great investment, but how can you know which piano is the best? The situation gets even more complicated for people who are trying to buy a piano for their children.

According to many experts, parents should buy a full-size piano that comes with weighted keys. Full-size pianos are pianos that have 88 notes. The reason why this type of piano is recommended is simple – if your child wants to pass an exam in piano playing they will need to play on a full-size piano. In addition, weighted keys are keys with a special weight that provide a specific feel to the player.

The next question is whether you should purchase a digital or an acoustic piano. There are many teachers who advise their students to opt for acoustic pianos for a more authentic sound. However, the fact is that digital pianos today are much more sophisticated compared to those used 15 years ago. This means that there is no huge difference between these two options as long as you are purchasing a piano from a reputable manufacturer. The basic goal is to buy a piano that creates natural sounds. Many people prefer an acoustic piano because they consider it to be more authentic but there is one downside associated with this – maintenance. Acoustic pianos must be carefully tuned every six months for best performance. They also have a certain lifespan and are more prone to damaging than digital pianos.

Parents also want to know whether they should invest in an expensive piano because they don’t know whether their child will continue with this activity. If you are in a situation like this, you should remember that you can always sell the piano you bought. Another option is to rent a piano and see how your child responds and whether they would like to continue playing after a month or two.

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