Buying a Piano Vs Renting

25th January 2016

Pianos are one of the most popular musical instruments of all time. If you are interested in having a piano then there are two options you can go for– renting a piano or buying a piano. If you are wondering which option is better then we will highlight the benefits and downsides of both options.

Renting a piano

We will start with the benefits of renting a piano. One of the greatest benefits of renting a piano is the fact that you won’t have to lay out a huge sum to start enjoying it. This is smart choice for beginner students. However, you should not forget that the fee that is paid on a monthly basis is not the only expense when you are renting a piano. You will need to pay for the moving and in some cases for the tuning. Another good thing about renting a piano is that you can use it for a while and try another one if you don’t like it without paying anything else but the monthly fee.

When it comes to downsides, then obviously you’re paying for something that you won’t own in the future and ultimately, you will pay more for the privilege of renting.

Buying a piano

This is an investment that can bring you many benefits. Apart from the pleasure of ownership, many pianos do hold their value really well so if you do decide to sell later and upgrade, you won’t be losing a fortune on the original price. Those who are buying a piano can choose exactly what they want and they don’t have to compromise on features. If you are buying a piano from a dealership you can be rest assured that everything is fine with the piano and that you will have guarantees on the quality.

The obvious downside is the higher initial outlay of buying a piano so it’s definitely a considered purchase.

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