Have you considered making the step up to a baby grand piano?

24th September 2019

Many piano players dream of owning a grand piano but size alone can make this an impossible dream, baby grand pianos, however, can put those aspirations firmly into reach.

Owning a grand piano screams ‘I love music’. They look amazing, sound fantastic and deliver a richly rewarding playing experience.

At around 9ft long a concert grand is out of bound for most homeowners, while a ballroom grand piano at around 7ft will also need some serious space.

For those blessed with space a parlour grand is a good option averaging around 6ft, however, falling closer to 5ft in length baby grand pianos can find a place in many homes.

With the more accommodating size of baby grand pianos it is no surprise that this model of piano is enduringly popular.

Baby grand pianos: A good fit

Ranging in size from just under 5ft up to 5ft 10, baby grand pianos are the ideal size for enthusiastic players who want to step up their playing experience and add a grand piano to their home.

As well as the physical size of the piano it is important to consider the size of the room – acoustically and aesthetically. In a smaller room with a low ceiling there is every possibility that a grand piano could sound distorted.

Baby grand pianos allow more scope for the sound to travel around an average sized room due to their smaller size.

As well as the acoustics it is important to consider how the instrument will look in your home - a 9ft piano squeezed in a 12ft long room will not leave a lot of room for manoeuvre.

Baby grand pianos are sized in a way that makes it practical for them to be added to a room where they can be a strong focal point but without taking the room over.

Enjoy the experience of a baby grand piano

For players who want to experience the shift in the responsiveness of playing a grand piano and enjoy the rich sound that generates from the larger soundboard and longer strings, a baby grand piano puts that dream in reach.

For most piano players the size of a grand piano will be a stumbling block to ownership, but the reduced length and greater affordability of baby grand pianos allows them a place in people’s homes and hearts.

If you are interested in buying a grand piano, Broughton Pianos has a variety of grand pianos and baby grand pianos for sale.

A member of our dedicated team will be more than happy to discuss which instrument best meets your requirements.

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