How difficult is it to learn the piano or keyboard?

11th November 2016

Learning to play the piano or keyboard is something that many people are interested in and many people wonder how difficult it is to become a proficient player. Before we start providing the details, let’s say that there is no universal answer to this complex question. Generally speaking, it all depends on how well people want to play these instruments. It also depends on where they want to use these instruments and whether they will use them alone or as part of a band.

But, this is just the short answer to this question because there are many other things that you must take into consideration. If you have natural talent, you might be able to master some aspects of this activity without any help. Did you know that many popular artists, especially in the past, were actually self-taught? They were very musical and this instinctively helped them learn how to play the piano/keyboard.

If you want to play alone, at home and you concentrate your efforts on simpler songs and tunes, you should be able to learn these things relatively quickly using a DIY approach. However, experts suggest taking at least a small number of lessons to get you into the basics. If you want to play outside your home, together with one or more individuals and you are trying to make a living by playing these instruments, then clearly you will need to invest more money and time in becoming a proficient player.

For example, there are concert pianists that spend eight or even more hours a day practising. On the other hand, there are jazz, blues and/or rock keyboard artists who hardly get any time to practice at all because they have gigs almost on a daily basis. They learn their trade on the job so to speak.

Keep in mind that learning how to use a piano doesn’t mean that you have become a master synth player or keyboardist or even an organ player. These musical instruments are similar, but when it comes to the learning process they are a little bit different. If you learn how to play one of them, it will be much easier for you to learn the others.

If you worry too much about your ability to learn the instrument, then you will never start. Maybe take a few lessons first with a teacher, see if you enjoy it and get a feel for the instrument, and then make the investment. For any advice about choosing your first piano, please contact us now.