Digital pianos: Strike the right note by giving the gift of music this Christmas

24th November 2019

Giving the gift of music is a gift that will last a lifetime and a digital piano could make the perfect extra special Christmas present for a loved one.

If you want to encourage your partner to take up the hobby they have always dreamed of, or reignite a passion for playing, digital pianos make a great, accessible gift.

Or it could be that one of your children has started learning to play and are desperate for their own piano.

Moving home, raising a family and a lack of space are all very valid reasons why players find themselves without a piano to play.

Reignite a passion for playing with digital pianos

Digital pianos are the ideal solution to owning a larger acoustic piano by offering a more affordable, smaller instrument.

Easier to fit into the home due to their smaller dimensions, digital pianos make playing the piano every day a reality for most homeowners.

Even when noise is an issue digital pianos are ideal as headphones can be worn so that only the player can hear the music – ideal if you are concerned about disturbing the neighbours or waking the children when practising at night.

Made with weighted keys, digital pianos mimic the playing action of acoustic pianos for a rewarding playing experience that also allows beginners to move between acoustic and digital models easily.

Yamaha digital pianos are even fitted with a hammer action on each key to closely capture the experience of playing an acoustic piano.

A great deal of work, research and technology has gone into creating an authentic tone that draws from acoustic models to further enhance the experience.

Digital pianos: Give the gift of music this Christmas

With some models, such as Kawai digital pianos, having built-in lesson guides, digital pianos can help new players to learn, making them an excellent choice of Christmas gift for a keen student.

Digital pianos are available in the UK for a range of budgets. At Broughton Pianos we stock digital pianos from Kawai and Yamaha providing choice and quality.

Priced from just over £700 up to more than £4,000, our digital pianos cater for all levels of players and will be a fantastic addition to any home.

If you want to give the gift of music this Christmas, contact Broughton Pianos to discover more about our range of digital pianos.