Digital Pianos vs Acoustic Pianos – How to choose

3rd May 2016

The acoustic piano was invented many centuries ago and over all these years this instrument has remained more or less the same with very little in the way of fundamental changes. On the other hand, digital pianos are constantly changing. Modern digital pianos have much better timbres, weighted keys and modern technology that make playing piano exciting and inspiring. If you are a serious piano player or just an enthusiast, you must learn more about the pros and cons of digital and acoustic pianos before you buy one.

Acoustic pianos create sound with the help of specially designed hammers that hit/punch the wire strings made of steel. However, digital pianos don’t rely on hammers. They use electronic speakers capable of reproducing recordings with high quality.

There is no doubt that the touch of the instrument is crucial to the piano player. If the keys are very stiff, this can ruin the experience and the same goes for very soft keys that don’t provide any resistance. It is worth mentioning that digital pianos are able to reproduce the weighted keys found in acoustic pianos. The best digital pianos have a feature that allows players to modify the sensitivity of touch so it can match your preferences and needs. You can make the keys harder or softer, whatever suits you best.

In addition, digital pianos come with a wide range of sounds so it is quite easy for the player to switch between church organs, strings and any other sound with the help of only one touch of a button. There are also digital pianos that allow players to split the keyboard and you can change the way keys sound in the beginning and in the end of the piano. Generally speaking, the more features a digital piano has, the more expensive it will be.

Finally, when it comes to locating a piano, digital pianos can be placed in any room at any temperature. An acoustic piano must be placed in a room where the temperature is steady and in a room with normal humidity.

Do your research and if you need any advice before choosing, please do not hesitate to call us.