Do you need to practice the piano but are worried about noise?

27th April 2019

Practice is the key to progression when learning to play the piano but that means having the freedom to play when you need to.

Then of course there is the pleasure of playing whenever you want to.

The close proximity of nearby homes can be problematic when it comes to learning to play an instrument but that certainly shouldn’t be a barrier to playing.

The sound of a piano

The nature of an acoustic piano means that the sound carries, but with a bit of consideration towards your neighbours it really should not be too much of an issue.

Avoiding the very early morning or late evening when playing the piano should allow for sufficient practice time without falling out with the neighbours.

However, that may not always be practical depending on your working hours. When a child is enthusiastic about learning it can also be difficult for them to keep track of the time – particularly when they are early risers!

The last thing you want to do is dampen that enthusiasm with constant warnings about noise.

What to do when you are worried about the noise from playing the piano

The most obvious solution when you are concerned about the noise from playing an acoustic piano is to have a friendly chat with the neighbours to find out if the noise is an issue and if there a time that suits them better.

Most people are reasonable and supportive of people, particularly children, learning to play an instrument so are quite likely to be very understanding.

Silent pianos

Aware of the issues facing piano players worried about noise, some piano brands have introduced silent pianos, which allow players to enjoy the best of both worlds – an acoustic experience and the ability to practice using headphones.

Unlike practising on a keyboard, silent pianos have weighted keys and the subtlety of tone and responsiveness expected of an acoustic piano.

Digital pianos

Digital pianos make a good practical choice for learning the piano where space and sound can be an issue. More compact than an acoustic piano, digital pianos can also allow for volume control to cut concerns about noise travelling.

Don’t let concerns about noise put you off playing the piano instead find a solution that suits you.

Learn more about different pianos and their sound

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