Enjoy the best of both worlds with digital pianos

14th April 2020

Technology has given us many gifts and in the world of musical instruments this is easily summed up in development of digital pianos.

Through dedication, research and fine tuning, digital pianos have brought an excellent added dimension to playing the piano.

Thanks to the technological developments that have made digital pianos into such well-crafted musical instruments, pianists can enjoy a level of versatility that was previously impossible.

A digital piano that can be moved around easily obviously makes sense but getting the sound right was one of the main stumbling blocks.

Due to their size and make-up acoustic pianos sound majestic, dramatic and captivating. This is not something that is easy to capture and box up in a smaller version.

And such was the case with the earliest digital pianos, while the idea and essence was there in the 1980s and 1990s the quality of sound was largely regarded as falling short.

In the years that followed technology boomed making things possible that people could never have imagined before.

Music was certainly not left behind in the exploration of digital enhancement, including improving the sound of digital pianos.

Digital pianos: big sound, small footprint

Now digital pianos are a product that gives buyers a real choice over what sort of piano they need – and can fit – in their home.

Improvements in the sound has increased to the point where the sound of a digital piano can fill a room.

As well as offering a commanding sound, digital pianos are programmed to sound like an authentic grand piano offering a rich and rewarding playing experience.

While presenting musicians with a rewarding playing experience, digital pianos bring accessibility and versatility that is often difficult given the size and structure of acoustic pianos.

Where space is often at a premium, a digital piano is a good option to allow players to practice at home without overwhelming the room.

The size of digital pianos means they are easier to transport around, which makes them suitable for using in concerts and shows.

There is no need to tune digital pianos unlike acoustic pianos, which again makes moving them less difficult – and means maintenance is easier and cheaper.

Quality that travels well

While many players hanker after an acoustic piano to play at home their lifestyle and home may not be suited to it, especially if in rented accommodation. Digital pianos take away this uncertainty due to the ease of movement.

By the player being able to control the sound volume musicians can also put aside worries about practising late at night or in a shared apartment block.

With accurate levels of response and a rewarding sound, digital pianos capture the joy of playing an acoustic model but with the convenience of a smaller, easily controlled digital set-up.

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