What exactly is a silent piano?

22nd June 2018

While a silent piano sounds a little bit like a contradiction in terms it is in reality a fantastic innovation. So what exactly is a silent piano?

Silent pianos have been developed to fit that gap between the purists’ need for an authentic experience and the practicality of digital pianos.

What these models do is allow the player to enjoy the best of both worlds – keep the acoustic experience of playing a weighted 88 key piano, but also have the ability to switch off the external sound.

The appeal of this doesn’t really need any further explanation, it is in short revolutionary brilliance for those who want the feel of an acoustic piano but are worried about disturbing the neighbours.

How does a silent piano work?

A silent piano is an acoustic piano with the added functionality of enabling private practice via headphones.

This is achieved by a bar moving into place to stop the hammer striking the string when the piano is switched to silent mode.

Instead sensors convert the key movement to an electronic sound allowing the player to listen to the music they are creating through headphones.

Silent pianos are available in both grand and upright models from makes including Yamaha and Kawai.

Why would I choose a silent piano?

For many people the impressive sound of an acoustic piano can make finding the fight circumstances to practice difficult.

Living in close proximity to neighbours or only being able to practice at night when the children are in bed means noise can be an issue.

Or some people just want to enjoy the privacy of learning without other listening.

A silent piano allows for the flexibility to shut off the external sound while still experiencing the natural touch of an acoustic piano.

A silent piano lets the musician switch between open acoustic playing and the privacy of headphones to suit the circumstances.

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