Grand pianos show that they belong in the spotlight

30th January 2019

Piano enthusiasts know all too well that, as well as being a musical instrument, a piano can also be a piece of art in itself.

Months of workmanship spent crafting the very finest materials is the untold story behind the world’s greatest piano brands and models.

It is usually the grand piano that steps forward to steal the limelight – and two pianos have certainly been doing that lately.

A piano fit for a queen

The first piano of note caught the attention of viewers tuning into the Queen’s Speech.

It was not so much a humble piano that distracted the viewing public on Christmas Day but a statement in luxury and splendour.

Lurking in the corner of screen the gold piano that sparked quite a bit of debate was in fact a gift for Queen Victoria.

According to Classic FM, the striking instrument, which is finished in gold leaf and decorated with cherubs, was made by French firm Erad.

Very much a statement in beauty and opulence, the piano was clearly created as a work of art to impress the royal family of the time.

Reaching new heights

But it was a far less elaborate grand piano that was used to show the universal appeal of music – in a mountain top performance that set a new world record.

Pianist Evelina De Lain performed the world’s highest classical music concert after she and a team scaled a 5,000 metre Himalayan mountain pass.

It wasn’t just a quick gesture either, the performance lasted 90 minutes and featured pieces by Chopin.

The venture was completed to raise money for cystic fibrosis awareness, while after the concert the piano was donated to a local school.

Organising and carrying a piano that distance – and playing it in those conditions – is no mean feat but it shows the power of music and the majesty of the piano.

The power of the piano to fascinate continues, with historic and modern pianos continuing to show the artistic characteristics that fuel the passion for piano music across the world.

The focus on these instruments shows that it is not only the music but also the instrument that can take centre stage.

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