Have you considered hiring a piano for a special occasion?

23rd October 2019

Special events require special moments to make them stay in the memory forever and so often music plays a part.

If you are planning a special event then hiring a piano could be the detail that delivers the wow factor and with flexible piano hire options that can easily become a reality.

Rather than settle for second best have the music that you really want at your special occasion. While pianists will travel to jobs, unlike most other musicians, bringing their instrument with them is not really an option.

While some venues will have a piano on site, piano hire gives you a different option when you would instead have to rely on a keyboard.

The rich sound of an acoustic piano is unrivalled and the impact of using a hire piano will very much be worth it with the deep and vibrant tones.

When would you hire a piano?

Whether it is your wedding and you have always dreamed of walking down the aisle to your favourite piece of music, a christening, major wedding anniversary or significant birthday, piano hire is an excellent way to entertain your guests by letting music take centre stage.

It is not only special events where piano hire can help to shine a spotlight on music for enjoyment. Concerts and shows set up specifically to show off the talents of an orchestra, band or ensemble rely on the quality of the sound.

The acoustics of the venue, dimensions of the stage and talent of those taking part will all play a part in the audience’s experience. However, of vital importance is the quality of the instruments. Piano hire can help you to maximise the sound of the piano at the venue.

When the alternative is to rely on an old neglected model, or to not include a piano at all, piano hire is the best option. A short-term piano hire agreement will allow you to have a top quality piano delivered to your venue with no fuss, letting the music take centre stage as it should.

Piano hire is ideal for:

  • Weddings
  • Parties
  • Christenings
  • One-off recitals
  • Hotel events
  • TV productions
  • Photo shoots
  • Orchestra shows
  • Dance and music shows

Make sure that you put on the show that you want with the help of a piano hire company and refuse to settle for second best.

Broughton Pianos offers a number of different, high quality pianos for hire. To find out more about your piano hire options get in touch with Broughton Pianos.