The importance of regular piano tuning

27th August 2019

Investing in a piano is not a decision people usually take lightly so it is important to protect that investment by committing to regular piano tuning.

Before buying a piano, players – or their parents – will deliberate over which is the best model they can afford, carefully consider the design and seek out a tone that they love.

Once that piano is in place though it is absolutely essential that the same commitment to quality continues in the way in which you care for your piano.

Along with avoiding extremes in temperature, direct sunlight and piling paraphernalia on top of the piano, taking care to look after the tone of the piano is important.

Protect your investment with regular piano tuning

Regular piano tuning is the best way to monitor and protect the sound of your instrument and here is why it matters so much:

Protect your investment – A piano that has not been tuned for years will not be in the best shape. To restore the sound it might require technicians to carry out remedial work or even repairs. Regular piano tuning will help to protect your investment both for yourself and if you should ever wish to sell it in the future.

Playing enjoyment – This is what it is all about really. If a piano is out of tune your playing enjoyment is diminished, making you less likely to play. This is even more detrimental when learning the piano as it will put you off practising and will distort the sound. Regular piano tuning will make sure your piano sounds pitch perfect.

Prevents damage – The strings on an out of tune piano can become overstretched causing lasting damage if left unchecked. To avoid expensive repair bills it is important to ensure regular piano tuning is carried out.

Piano tuning is a way to protect your investment for the long-run as well as to maximise your playing enjoyment. For young children learning, in particular, an out of tune piano could prove really off-putting and make it difficult for them to discern different pitches.

It is recommended that piano tuning takes place around every six months and that it is always carried out by a qualified professional who will also be able to spot any potential issues with the instrument.

Broughton Pianos offers piano tuning across the country. Piano tuning can take anywhere from one to two hours and needs to be booked in advance.

To book a piano tuning contact Broughton Pianos.