Interesting Facts about Pianos

30th September 2015

The piano has been part of classical music since the early 18th century. It has borne musicians of excellent calibre, from Mozart to Beethoven, and everyone in between. It was the instrument to inspire the keyboard and synthesizers we know today – and to commemorate it, here are some interesting facts about pianos.

1. World’s Most Expensive Piano

…is the Crystal Piano. You may remember seeing it at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing playing by Lang Lang. It was sold at an auction for $3.22 million!

2. World’s First Piano…

…was created by Bartolomeo di Francesco Cristofori, an Italian harpsicord maker. His creation in 1709 would be the birth of the modern piano we know today – though they weren’t accessible to the public for another 100 years.

3. World’s Largest Piano…

…was created by New Zealander, Adrian Mann. It is 5.7 metres in length and weighs 1.4 tonnes!

4. World’s Most Strung Instrument

Pianos have over 200 strings that can take up to 30 tonnes of tension! These strings have to be taught to omit the correct sounds at the right time.

5. But the Piano is not a string instrument

Despite its many strings, the piano is part of the percussion family since hammers hit the strings which create its unique and varying sounds.

6. Digital Improvements

Despite being around since the 1700s, it was only in 1980 that the first digital piano was made. Like most acoustic instruments, having a digital version allows musicians to create beautiful sounds silently from their very own home – whether in a small basement or a huge mansion!

Pianos should be ideally tuned four times a year if they are new, or twice a year for older pianos. A professional tuner can help to perfect those 200+ strings!

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