Kemble Pianos – Famous for their Intimate Sound

15th August 2014

Kemble Pianos are famous for their intimate sound and grace many of the world’s most famous music institutes including the Paris Opera House.

Designed in the UK and established since 1911, Kemble Pianos have an enviable heritage of innovation, superb craftsmanship and tradition.

They are lovingly crafted using ‘Strunz’ soundboards which come from Bavarian Spruce Trees which is widely known as one of the best tone woods available. Spruce copes well with different climactic conditions and the pianos are made by highly skilled British craftsmen who are experts in the precision required for fine piano making. Kemble are now also collaborating with Conran and Partners who are a prestigious British design firm to create new and exciting styles which will further enhance the Kemble range.

Elegant Design and Beautifully Crafted

Kemble Pianos are available in a variety of elegant designs and styles and they are beautifully crafted with hand picked wood veneers which are painstakingly finished in satin or high gloss polyester.

The perfect combination of top quality components, superb design, highly skilled and meticulous craftsmanship plus using the latest technology makes Kemble Pianos some of the best pianos available in the world.

When the pianos are made they go through a stringent checking process with each note being tested up to 250 times before being passed through to the showroom.

The range of Kemble pianos include Professional, Contemporary, Family, Prelude, Grand and Silent so you are sure to find a piano that meets with your requirements.

At Broughton Pianos we are proud to supply Kemble Pianos as part of our repertoire so please contact us if you need any advice.