How much space do I need for a grand piano?

27th May 2019

The allure of a grand piano is timeless due to its majestic appearance and depth of sound but with grand pianos size will always remain an issue when it comes to investing in one for your home.

Many pianists dream of playing on, and owning, a grand piano due to the richer sound created by the longer strings as well as the prestige attached to these models.

For many people, however, actually owning a grand piano can be out of the question due to the space needed.

How big is a grand piano?

Grand pianos vary in size with a huge difference between the smallest petit grand pianos and the largest concert grand pianos.

Petit pianos are under five feet and usually classified as between 4ft 5in and 4ft 10ins. A baby grand piano is 4ft 11 to 5ft 6, while a professional grand piano is around 6 feet long. At the top end of the scale a concert grand piano is 9 feet to 10 feet.

Obviously the type of grand piano you want will determine whether you actually have the space to house it.

When considering the size of piano you want to buy also consider the room that you have available to house it. You will need the space for the piano itself as well as two to three feet to move the piano stool.

When it comes to the size of the room the decision can be highly personal and down to how you want to use the space in your home and the way the piano sounds.

Can acoustics be a problem when buying a grand piano?

Obviously there has to be the space to physically fit the piano in, but the acoustics are just as important. Low ceilings and a lack of open space for the sound to travel without being dampened can affect the playing experience.

Likewise the material used on the floor can impact the sound from a grand piano depending on whether it is wood or carpet.

As always how the sound of the piano travels and the effect this could have on your neighbours is another issue to consider.

Grand pianos can work well in the corners of rooms and as a focal point so, if you have the space, make your dreams comes true and find a grand piano that suits the space.

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