How often should you service a piano?

2nd October 2016

Buying a piano is a long-term investment that definitely pays off. As it is such a significant investment, it makes sense to maintain this item well so that it serves you well for many years to come. With the help of regular maintenance performed by trained, qualified and experienced technicians, you will keep the instrument in tip top condition and hopefully avoid any expensive repairs in the future.

As you are probably aware, pianos include many delicate materials such as felt and wood, which is why they react to climatic conditions. So, a radical change from cold to hot and vice versa and from dry to damp can lead to different issues such as swelling or contracting. This change will affect the pitch, tone, and touch of your piano.

It is possible to avoid or to lower the impact of these changes by putting your valuable piano close to a wall and far from the doors and windows that are frequently opened. Ideally you should keep your piano away from air conditioning ventilation, heating, fireplaces, and places exposed to direct sunlight most of the day. You can expect to get the most from your piano if you keep it in ideal conditions at a temperature of around 68 F and humidity of around 42%.

Pianos are usually classified as grand and vertical models of instruments, but it is up to the manufacturer to choose the materials and designs. So, each piano comes with specific terms when it comes to maintenance and these terms are usually related to the quality of materials and design.

When we are talking about Yamaha pianos, we would recommend that new models must be tuned at least four times in the first year in order to adjust it to the standard setting. After that, the piano can be tuned a minimum of two times per year. You should feel free to tune the piano even more if you believe that it will improve the sound.

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