Online piano lessons - is there a better choice of piano to learn on?

12th June 2020

If ever there was a time to embark on a new hobby this is it – and the number of online courses is remarkable.

Tutors have been quick to move to a new way of working, while apps and online programmes have developed, become more well known and, in some cases, even become more affordable.

So, if you have ever considered taking up a musical instrument such as the piano, now is the time.

While issues surrounding social distancing and Government guidelines mean it may be some time before music lessons can resume in person, there is nothing to stop you getting started online.

There are a number or options to choose from – an established online course, an interactive app that charts your progress or finding a local tutor who has moved lessons online. You could even choose to try to teach yourself the basics from a book.

Of all the options, choosing a local tutor for lessons via video call will perhaps be the most rewarding as beginners to the piano can benefit from the personalised lesson structure and feedback – and hopefully move to lessons in person when possible.

What is the best piano for online lessons?

While the circumstances in which you learn may be out of the ordinary, the process of investing in a piano is not and, as always, is a matter of personal choice.

Shops such as Broughton Pianos are able to provide comprehensive information about piano models online and over the phone, while from June 15 we will be able to allow limited numbers of customers into the showroom.

If you are in the position where you can invest in an acoustic piano and are absolutely sure this is the instrument for you then make an appointment to see which one is right for you.

Get set-up quickly with a digital piano

However, a very good choice for online lessons is a digital piano. When setting up as a piano player from home alone, the accessibility of a digital piano will be a great asset.

Digital pianos can be ordered in good faith online, and you will know exactly what to expect from leading brands, such as Kawai and Yamaha.

Already equipped with exceptional sound there is no need to worry about tuning or maintenance, instead you can unbox a digital piano and set it up yourself.

Smaller and cost-efficient, a digital piano will let you get started learning to play straight away.

For those who are ready to be immersed in an interactive playing experience, some models also incorporate features that guide the player through incorporated lesson functions.

This can be as complicated as following music, or just tapping out a rhythm on the keys.

With no need for tuning, built-in lesson functions and online delivery available, a digital piano is a very good option for a beginner looking to stay safe at home and embrace the joy of learning the piano.

Make an appointment or order online

Broughton Pianos have a wide range of digital pianos available on our website and are happy to discuss your requirements via phone or email.

For customers interested in seeing the range of digital pianos or acoustic pianos in our large showroom, we advise making an appointment as we anticipate being busy during the period after reopening.

To find out more about making an appointment to visit the showroom at Broughton Pianos, or to discuss the best digital piano for you, please get in touch.