Our Digital Pianos

28th October 2013

Broughton Pianos has been bringing quality pianos to customers in and near Drayton for many years. Some of their customers are accomplished musicians while others are just getting started. In the beginning, students are often recommended to buy a digital piano instead of an acoustic one. Broughton supplies both.

Why are they better

Advantages of a digital piano include their authentic look and feel for a lower price than the real thing. They do not require tuning, a regular and costly necessity where acoustic instruments are concerned. Digital pianos feature one or two headphone jacks so students can play without disturbing anyone, or being disturbed by background noises. A digital instrument allows one to record performances on an MP3 system. She then plays these recordings back to herself to assess her progress. Extra instruments could be added to create a recording for one's listening pleasure without hiring a band.

Cost Effective?
The mid-range price for a digital piano is about £1200, although smaller, less advanced instruments cost far less. For instance, a portable version does not feature pedals. Another version might not store as much information. Usually, they look like upright pianos, but some are not filled-in at the back, making them lighter.

A mid-range Kawai looks like an upright piano. It features a lesson function so customers can learn to read and play music without going to a piano teacher. Other instruments are digitally present to layer a tune if desired.

Authentic Feel
High-end machines are even closer to the authentic look and feel of an acoustic piano than their cousins in the mid-price range. They feature resonance and reverb, LCD display, and two headphone jacks. There are two speakers and a 45W transducer. Broughton Pianos compares the Kawai CA95 to a Concert Grand, only cheaper, lighter, and smaller.

In spite of its high-tech attributes and £2500 price tag, the CA95 is built with wooden keys which are designed to feel like ivory.

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