Piano Man: The enduring appeal of Elton John’s music

29th November 2018

Elton John enjoys a level of fame that is unusual – children, teenagers, parents and grandparents have probably all heard of him, or certainly one of his songs.

The journey Elton John’s piano playing has taken him on is remarkable and stands as testament to his playing and engaging style.

Famously flamboyant, the Rocket Man’s songs are also famously catchy. But that is not the only stand out aspect of Elton John’s approach to music, there is a surprising diversity in his song-writing.

Fans clamouring for tickets to his farewell tour announced for 2020 can be pretty sure his live show will be packed full of favourites from beginning to end, after all there is plenty of material to go at.

And take heart those learning to play – it all began with learning the piano.

Laying the foundation with piano lessons

Admittedly the young Elton – or Reginald Dwight as he was then – showed early promise from a very early age, playing from the age of just three years old before starting lessons aged seven.

But it is his dedication to playing the piano, and playing it well with flair that has made him a global megastar. By teaming up with lyricist Bernie Taupin, Elton John was able to concentrate solely on the music.

It is an approach that clearly worked as the singer has recorded worldwide record sales in excess of 300 million. In a world so frequently dominated by guitar-led bands, Elton John has stood apart in his commitment – and success with - the piano.

While ballads are a major part of his repertoire, rock numbers, pop, rhythm and blues and even country have formed parts of his impressive back catalogue.

Piano dedication

Frequently listed as one of the most influential musicians of all time, Sir Elton John has enjoyed number one hits with classics such as Candle in the Wind, Don’t Go Breaking My Heart, Sacrifice and Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me.

His music has even entertained youngsters across the world after he co-wrote the music for Disney’s The Lion King with Sir Tim Rice, winning an Oscar for ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight’.

All this from an early love of the piano. If Elton John’s musical journey tells us one thing it is stay true to the instrument you love – the piano.

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