Why the piano is a perfect instrument to nurture a love of music

27th July 2018

Many parents want their child to lean a musical instrument – and it is hoped that the children share that desire to learn.

The piano is an excellent way to gain a foundation that will let the next generation of musicians flourish at whatever instrument they choose.

The benefits of leaning to play a musical instrument for learning, relaxation, concentration and good mental health have been widely discussed.

Yet it is important to focus on learning a musical instrument for the pure joy of creating music – it is this that will keep children and adults learning year after year no matter how tricky techniques may become.

Getting started

Piano lessons are an excellent way to provide a child with a grounding in music tuition, whether they go on to become a virtuoso pianist themselves or use it as a stepping stone to another instrument.

The piano remains a hugely popular instrument to learn and part of its appeal is its apparent simplicity.

While many instruments are a mystery to children, pianos have a relatable process – in short children can create an initial sound just by pressing a key, bringing none of the frustration associated with some instruments.

This makes the piano a great instrument to learn from a young age, setting in place a love for music and learning.

Understanding musical structure

Developing an understanding of musical structure through playing the piano will stand youngsters in good stead should they then choose to take up the trumpet or cello for example in their teens – a good understanding of music will serve them well as they adapt what they know.

The set-up of the piano that makes it an easier instrument to get to grips with also makes it easier to understand written music and to make the connection between the keys and the notes

It is not by chance that the piano has been a popular choice of instrument for centuries. Help your child to discover a world of music with an instrument they can understand and delight in learning.

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