Piano Sales

8th March 2014

The love affair with the piano is a long lasting one and it proudly takes its place as one of the most loved of all musical instruments. From Judy Garland singing Irving Berlin’s ‘I love a piano’ right up to Billy Joel’s ‘Piano Man’, the piano has taken hold of musical culture from the very early days of its first invention.

The pianos ability to control your emotions either in a bold ostentatious way as in George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue or in an emotional and haunting way such as Rachmaninov’s piano concerto no2 (memorably used in the film ‘Brief Encounter’) as made the piano the instrument of love.

Pianos will always evoke emotions and stir feelings of love and beauty, appealing to the most romantic parts of our souls. This is why so many people would love to own a piano and master the art of playing one.

Expert advice on piano sales

At Broughton Pianos we recognise this need in people. Trading for over 30 years we have actively been involved in piano sales across the whole of the UK and Europe as well. As international dealers, importers and exporters of new pianos we cater for all those who have a love for the instrument.

The range of our piano sales is varied and includes major names such as Yamaha, Steinberg, Kingsburg, Kawai, Kemble and of course, Steinway & Sons.

If you already own a piano but are looking to upgrade or want to learn a piano for the first time then Broughton Pianos are here to help. We can offer you digital pianos, upright pianos, grand pianos or quality used pianos for your playing and listening delight.

A piano isn’t just a piece of furniture to occupy the corner of a room. It is an instrument that will become a part of your life and that will never go out of fashion.

For expert advice on what kind of piano will suit your needs and to find out more about our extensive range of piano sales then please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.