Pianos in Focus: The Yamaha B1

27th December 2019

Some models of piano need little introduction with their attributes being widely known by pianists and the Yamaha B1 would be one such model.

Being the perfect piano to take you through all of your piano grades, the Yamaha B1 should often be recommended as a fantastic instrument to learn to play – and to develop – on.

As a member of the Yamaha family of pianos, quality is to be expected, but what else is it that makes the Yamaha B1 such a good investment for the keen developing piano player?

Why choose to buy the Yamaha B1 piano?

While looks and sounds are hugely important, playability is perhaps the most important attribute through the years of learning to play and progressing through piano grades. Playability is an area where the Yamaha B1 excels.

It’s full 88 key, the keyboard is responsive and, thankfully, forgiving, providing an innate support and encouragement when developing as a player and mastering ever trickier pieces of music.

As well as being incredibly playable the Yamaha B1 also features a bright, impressive tone to further support a love of music in the developing player.

What size is the Yamaha B1?

The reasonably compact dimensions of the Yamaha B1 make it a good choice of pianos for most homes, especially where space is not necessarily a luxury.

At 3ft 7ins high, 4ft 10ins wide, and 1ft 9ins long it is large enough to deliver a punch acoustically but small enough not to overpower a room. Its upright design will allow it to be tucked against the room of a wall without intruding excessively into the remaining space.

Featuring a soft pedal, muffler, and dampener, the Yamaha B1 has all the features the aspiring player needs housing within its compact body.

Yamaha quality at a lower price

The B series of Yamaha pianos are designed as an entry-level model to make them affordable to people wanting to invest in their first piano.

Bearing the Yamaha name, you can be assured of the quality of the product, which allows players to enjoy playing an instrument that is often better quality than more expensive models made by different brands.

Bearing the classic Yahama design this model is compact and stylish with clean, minimal lines meaning it will look fantastic in any home.

Visit our Worcestershire piano showroom

While the Yamaha name gives an indication of the quality of the instrument, when brought brand new from Broughton Pianos in Drayton, Worcestershire, it will include a five-year guarantee to give you peace of mind.

As a family business with 30 years’ experience, Broughton Pianos know how important it is to get the right piano for you. Before buying please feel free to visit our piano showroom in Worcestershire to try out the instruments that we have on show to find the home best suited to your home and playing style.

To discuss whether the Yamaha B1 is the right piano for you, or for more information on other models available at Broughton Pianos, contact us today.