Six benefits of owning a digital piano in the UK

23rd June 2019

Playing the piano is a skill that you can enjoy for life and a digital piano can often be the best solution for a UK home. It is not just the experience and challenge of learning to play that makes playing the piano so enjoyable, it is the perfect, mindful hobby to help you relax.

To enjoy playing the piano you usually need to own one – but this can be easier said than done when space is tight. Starter homes, apartments, rented accommodation or just the demands (and belongings!) of family life can result in there being little spare space to house a piano.

Then, of course, there is the issue of noise and not wanting to annoy the neighbours when your practice drowns out their TV.

Buying a digital piano in the UK

Digital pianos are ideal for the close living arrangements of so many communities in the UK.

If you are looking for a new piano here are a few benefits of owning a digital piano in the UK:

Noise control

This has got to be a key consideration for players whether they are learning or have years of playing experience. Sound travels, particularly from a powerful instrument such as an acoustic piano. In the UK, housing demands see homes built closely enough for this sound to travel, but with a digital piano this is no longer an issue – just plug in the headphones and practice until your heart’s content.


Another major consideration when buying a piano in the UK is where you will keep it. A digital piano is ideal considering the layout of many homes in the UK as its smaller size makes it easier to add to a lounge or dining room without compromising on space too much.


Cleverly designed, modern digital pianos in the UK not only sound great, they look great too. Taking inspiration from the classic look of acoustic pianos, a digital pianos will look good wherever you choose to put it.


If you play as part of a band or at events in the UK having a portable instrument is essential and a digital piano can usually be transported without a problem. Likewise when living in rented property in the UK, to enjoy the piano you will usually need one that can be easily moved.

Diverse sound

While practicality is a big part of the appeal of digital pianos in the UK, there is no compromise when it comes to sound. Digital pianos are programmed to sound like good quality acoustic pianos for an authentic playing experience.

Easy to maintain

Digital pianos in the UK will largely take care of themselves meaning there is no need to schedule in, and budget for, tuning.

If you are looking for a quieter way to practice, or want to buy a piano but are worried about space, a digital piano could be the perfect choice.

To find out more about buying a digital piano in the UK contact Broughton Pianos.