Studies Show Piano Lessons Help Children Excel

24th July 2014

Aside from the sheer joy of learning to play and love the piano, there are other benefits that you may not have thought about, especially when it comes to your children.

Piano lessons for your children can bring many benefits such as greater self-esteem and improved co-ordination skills. Studies have shown that children who also play the piano tend to score higher on cognitive and development tests.

So why is this the case?

If you think about what’s involved in learning to play the piano you will start to realise how it impacts positively on other aspects of learning.

For example:Greater concentration – learning to read music and play the piano requires a great deal of concentration and this helps children to think creatively and critically about what they are doing. They can apply this is in other aspects of their life.

Improved co-ordination – playing the piano increases motor skills, dexterity and the ability to think-through complex processes. It improves hand – eye co-ordination and gives children a greater ability to multi task

Self Esteem – the dedication required to learn the piano can help children deal with other challenges in their life. Learning a new skill can promote a positive attitude and help build confidence.

Maturity – learning to play the piano takes time and this can help with improving patience and becoming more well-rounded individuals. Playing the piano is also a disciplined process and this can help children apply themselves better in different circumstances.

Learning to play the piano will expose your children to different styles and genres of music, making them more knowledgeable about the subject and enabling them to be more varied in how they think.

Suffice to say that children stand to benefit significantly from learning to play the piano and in terms of their overall development, learning to play the piano can have a very positive effect in other aspects of their life.

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