How to succeed in your New Year’s resolution to learn to play the piano

14th December 2018

If learning to play the piano makes it on to your list of New Year’s resolutions year after year to no avail make this the year to turn those good intentions into actions.

Along with getting fit and learning a language, playing an instrument is one of those life goals many people aspire to but, caught up in the hustle and bustle of adult life, just fail to find the time for.

Playing an instrument like the piano is a hugely rewarding pastime bringing creativity, stress-relief and joy into your life so it really is worth investing the time to learn.

Rather than make let your resolve fail this year learn how to make a New Year’s resolution to play the piano that you can stick to and succeed at.

How to make your New Year’s resolution succeed

Break it down – A huge blanketed goal can be daunting and makes it easier to quit under the pressure. Maybe make the goal ‘I am going to book piano lessons’ or vow to learn one particular piece of music.

Find a good teacher – Face to face interaction is the best way to accomplish goals whether it is losing weight or playing an instrument. If there is no-one there to report to, your commitment can easy ebb away. Instead of using an online app find a local teacher who you can build a rapport with and who will keep you going on those tricky weeks.

Invest in an instrument – while buying a piano can be expensive, having access to the instrument you are learning is essential to your success. Without being able to practice properly your best efforts could easily stagnate. Making an investment in a piano is more likely to make the commitment to learn the piano successful.

Make time – Prioritise attending lessons, don’t start making excuses about work or family commitments. Investing time in yourself is important and you need to make it clear that this is a set appointment. Likewise, work out times when you will be able to practice and stick to it, this is the only way to improve your piano playing.

Stay inspired - Listen to music you love, talk to friends who are learning or who have learned, and ask you family to support you in your goal. There will be times when you will need an extra push to carry on so make sure you know where to look for support in advance.

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