The 5 C’s of Learning Piano Technique

30th June 2014

For anybody who loves the piano and is starting to learn to play it for the first time there is a learning technique that is particularly popular with piano teachers which is called the 5 C’s. Let’s take a quick look at what those 5 C’s are:

Command – The building blocks for creating music is gaining an understanding of scales, chords, triads and arpeggios. Once you can gain some command of these you will start to understand the structure of music and the process of learning music and appreciating its forms becomes more achievable.

Clarity – The technical exercises involved in playing the piano will make you a more acute listener. You will gain attention to detail in both playing and listening so that you can spot errors more easily and start to master your technique.

Comfort – Playing the piano is more physical than you might think. Your posture and how you control your finger movements are all part and parcel of learning to play. To play well it is imperative that you are comfortable and there is no tension when you are in front of the piano keyboard.

Creativity – Applying some variation into learning to play the piano will keep you on your toes and more ready to learn. Combining technical exercises with learning new musical concepts will keep the learning experience rich and more enjoyable.

Confidence – Whatever level you want to play the piano at, it’s important for everybody to play with a degree of confidence and technical ability. There are many reasons people learn to play grand pianos. Some people want to share their skill with others whilst for some it is a more private affair that they want to indulge in purely for their own pleasure. Playing with confidence is something that all piano players want to achieve, irrespective of the audience.

And there you have it. The 5 C’s of learning piano technique prepares any learner for the road ahead on their musical journey. All you need now is a piano of your own to practise on!