The benefits of buying a digital piano online

15th May 2020

Now is the ideal time to discover, or rekindle, a passion for playing the piano and thanks to the availability of digital pianos online you can buy a new instrument with confidence.

The recent changes to the way we live our lives have put some things out of reach but thanks to the internet a new virtual way of life has opened up.

And it is through this that new hobbies can be discovered – or old ones picked up again.

Buying a digital piano online

If you have always wanted to learn the piano or have been meaning for years to invest in one, now is an ideal time to invest in a digital piano.

With more time at home you will find it easier to make the time to practice, while online lessons could get you started on your musical journey.

It might also be the first time that you have had the time for the clear out needed to make space to add a piano to your home…

Confidence in sound

The beauty of digital pianos is that the sound quality is guaranteed. With less emphasis on the nuances and sound differences associated with large acoustic models, a digital piano has been programmed to sound fantastic whatever the size of your room or playing preference.

From the start, this commitment to sound quality should give you the confidence to buy online. Beyond just sounding good though, the manufacturers of digital pianos such as Kawai and Yamaha have made sure that the digital playing experience is one to savour and enjoy.

Many models have been programmed with concert-level piano tones and can replicate the sound of leading grand pianos.

It is not only the sound that is reliable and authentic, a weighted key action complete with an 88-key keyboard and foot pedals replicates the movement of an acoustic piano.

Fuss-free delivery and set up

If you are concerned about the logistics of getting a piano into your home, a digital piano ticks all the boxes for a fuss-free online purchase once again.

Easy to set up by yourself and with no need for tuning, a digital piano can be delivered straight to your door and you can be up and playing in no time. Should you require any information to assist you in getting started Broughton Pianos will be here to talk customers through any processes they may find difficult.

Choice at your fingertips

While the quality of sound can be expected from top digital piano manufacturers, such as Kawai and Yamaha, there are still plenty of different options and styles to choose from.

And with no limits on space, Broughton Pianos’ new website is able to display a huge range of the models available.

Wood finish, black, and white, pianos are all available in a variety of different models for a spectrum of budgets.

From compact models that offer a great sound, to digital pianos that can scan and show you how to play songs, or a top-end hybrid grand piano, there are digital pianos for all levels of players.

Using Broughton Pianos’ website buying a digital piano could not be easier – just choose the model you want, add it to the cart and pay. With a flatpack delivery option it could be at your home in no time ready to be set up.

However, accessibility does not necessarily mean that everyone wants to buy online. If you are interested in how digital pianos sound or want to investigate the difference between different models please visit Broughton Pianos’ showrooms.

With a dedicated Yamaha and Kawai showroom customers are always welcome to try before they buy.

With easy online access, some of the best quality digital pianos available now is a fantastic time to invest in yourself and your passion for music.

To discuss buying a digital piano in more depth or for more information on the models available, please contact Broughton Pianos.