The benefits of Digital Pianos

27th January 2015

Many people turn to digital pianos has their piano of choice because of the advantages that they bring.

Here are just some of the benefits of digital pianos that make them so popular:

Always in tune – a digital piano is not susceptible to environmental impacts like an acoustic piano is. Humidity and temperature do not affect the quality of digital pianos and they do not require regularly tuning by a professional tuner. Digital pianos are therefore low maintenance and save on costs.

Volume control and headphones – the ability to adjust the volume control of your piano and also listen to it privately through headphones is a major advantage of a digital piano. This means you can play your digital piano at any time of the day or night without disturbing your neighbours.

Huge variety of sounds – with a digital piano you can explore a huge variety of sounds to enhance the overall playing experience. Sounds such as the organ, cembalo or strings in addition to the traditional piano sound allows you to experiment with your playing and produce multi-layered musical pieces.

Recording – the ability to record and playback your music is a great facility of many digital pianos. This feature allows you to capture your recordings and be more creative.

Easy to transport – digital pianos weigh a lot less than acoustic pianos and are much easier to transport and position in your home. You will not need to hire professional removers or incur additional costs.

Digital pianos offer you a fantastic way of experiencing the piano and all its joys. To find out more about digital pianos and to discover the wide range that we have available, please call Broughton Pianos now.