Top 5 digital pianos brands

24th November 2020

The development of high-quality digital pianos has opened up the possibility of owning a piano to huge numbers of people.

Affordability, size and sound control mean that players with smaller homes, smaller budgets and close neighbours can enjoy owning a piano.

While digital pianos are, as a general rule, more affordable than acoustic pianos there is a wide range of products available from introductory models to high-end professional styles.

Seeing the need and demand for a more accessible way to play the instrument many of the world’s leading brands have now introduced their own digital pianos – not surprisingly these count amongst the best on the market.

This indicates the quality and design that is behind many of the digital pianos that are on offer, allowing them to offer a truly rewarding playing experience with grand piano tones and weighted keys.

If you are desperate to add a piano to your home and a digital model fits the bill, the question is which brand to choose?


Attention to detail, good looking, great sound, affordable and hugely popular? Yes, that’s Yamaha. Yamaha has brought all the great points of its brand to its digital pianos and the result is that, just like their acoustic counterparts, Yamaha digital pianos have been a hit with buyers.

Catering for all levels of players, Yamaha’s portfolio of digital pianos stretches from the Yamaha YDP-S34 to the Yamaha N3X AvantGrand Hybrid Piano, which aims to replicate the quality of a world class concert grand. With quality and reliability on all levels and a vast range of options, the choice is yours.


Long associated as a top-class keyboard brand, Casio has transferred those digital skills over to the realms of the digital piano to create some seriously highly regarded models. With a grand piano sound and ambitious app integration, Casio’s line of home pianos offers beginners excellent value. Its high-end grand hybrid range has been developed alongside C. Bechstein to create something really special, bringing together traditional musical craftsmanship and digital innovation, yet that remains affordable.


Kawai is another player’s favourite that has ventured into digital piano production. Like its acoustic models, Kawai’s digital pianos are robust, attractive and a joy to play. With an impressive range of options, Kawai’s digital pianos also span the range from the highly affordable Kawai KDP-110 to the top budget Kawai Novus NV-10, made with high end materials and featuring the action of a grand piano.


Korg has made a strong name for itself as a leading supplier of quality electronic instruments for performers. This is in no small part down to its ability to create excellent, clean sound. This in itself is reason to consider its range of digital pianos. Taking the skillset from its work with synthesizers, Korg has created reliable and affordable digital pianos from the Korg B2SP to the high-end G1 Air, which boasts responsiveness and excellent sound.


A name that needs no introduction in the synth arena, Roland has taken its tech prowess and combined it with the appeal of acoustic pianos to form its own range of digital pianos. Roland has invested time and effort into giving its digital pianos a great look with styling that stands out and a fantastic sound. Models such as the LX708 marry together the look and size of a traditional acoustic upright with the convenience of a digital sound, while the FP30 is an excellent portable piano.

Broughton Pianos stocks and supplies a wide range of digital pianos from Yamaha and Kawai. To discover more about digital pianos – or to find the perfect model for you contact us for details or to arrange a visit to our showroom.