Typical piano practice mistakes

7th May 2017

There are several common piano practice mistakes that students make.

If you want to become more proficient and to enjoy playing the piano then check out the following:

  • One of the first and most common mistakes is not practicing at all. We all live such busy lives today, so sometimes piano practice is not the top priority. Although everyone has periods when they struggle to fit in some time for practice, making a habit of practicing piano every day will make it an enjoyable experience for you.
  • If the keyboard is out of your sight then that is another mistake. Set the keyboard close where you can see it, so you will get encouraged to practice every day. Living room or dining rooms are ideal places for doing so, where you can easily access it.
  • Practicing piano in an extended session is the third mistake. Little but often play is better than playing long sessions. You should develop a habit of practicing about half an hour per day.
  • Do not practice something you already know. That is not a good way of learning, so focus on learning something new with each new piano practice. Set yourself a challenge.
  • Using the wrong fingers for playing is a common mistake. Use the fingers correctly and consistently, because that way you will learn much better.
  • Starting from the beginning of some song you know is also a mistake. You may be good at playing the beginning of the piano piece, but you would be less proficient if you do not know the rest of the piece. Target the weaker sections from the piano piece in order to become a better player.
  • Practicing fast is not the way to go, because the slower you practice the quicker you will learn.
  • Constantly looking at your hands and failing to count are a couple of other mistakes piano students make. Try not to look at your hands when learning a new piano piece and count out loud when learning a new That way you will avoid mistakes and will get a good sense of rhythm.

It may be a cliché but practice really does make perfect so stick at it and you will become motivated by the progress you make.