We’ve heard of a new Phenomenon called Piano Yoga!

13th June 2017

So we've heard about a new phenomenon that we think is pretty exciting. This phenomenon is known as piano yoga!

Visions of a female performing a yoga mountain pose, delicately poised atop a piano lid may spring to mind - and you’d be forgiven to screw your brow a little upon hearing this. Surprisingly though, this image would be incorrect.

What is Piano Yoga?

We stumbled across piano yoga whilst scrolling through our Twitter feed last week. It was a thought-pattern interruption moment but the headline of a holistic piano yoga event in July caught our attention.

Piano Yoga® is a new take on learning how to play the piano which combines the rudiments of Russian piano school and Eastern philosophies, namely yoga.

Founded by Russian virtuoso pianist and educator GéNIA, Piano Yoga® pays particular attention to complete relaxation and relief of tension, when playing the piano, by encouraging positive posture and deep breathing. Drawing on holistic elements that inspire personal development and alleviate the nerves, players are able to concentrate, build muscle strength and memory, and express themselves on a whole new level.

If you want to find out more, there is a Holistic Day for Pianists in London on 16 July 2017. For more details, click here.

Sounds good to us

As a family business, established in the 1980s, we know all too well about the frustrations of mastering a musical art. Whilst we approach the subject of playing the piano slightly differently – taking care of your piano with regular tuning, polishing and general TLC – we love the thought of truly being able to clear your mind and simply play to your heart’s content without any fear.

Look after your piano and it will look after you – yoga poses or not

Looking after your piano, even if playing is your hobby and not a profession, is critical. Not only will you enable a consistent and quality level of sound but you will also feel much better when playing.

Just as yoga moves can help to relax your mind, ease away stresses and strengthen your core, knowing your piano has a perfect pitch will soothe any doubting anxieties. Plus, the sound experienced will be much more pleasing to your audience and every recital will be your best yet.

What’s more, keeping your strings and keys in tiptop condition will prevent the worry of an unnecessary invoice to replace them.

Happy playing and let us know if you’re tried the yoga technique.