Why Are Yamaha Pianos So Popular

21st October 2013

Although there are a wide variety of brands of pianos available, one of the most popular and reliable is Yamaha. The Yamaha Corporation is based in Japan. It has been in the business of making exceptional pianos since 1887 when Torakusu Yamaha began manufacturing pianos and reed organs under the trading name Nippon Gakki Company, Limited. The company pioneered the production of Western musical instruments in Japan before selling their products worldwide.

Torakusu began as a watchmaker and medical equipment repairer. Then, having built a prototype organ, he carried it over his shoulder across the mountains of Hakone in order to present it to the Music Institute. His initial organ was rejected harshly for being badly tuned but this didn't deter him. He studied theory and tuning, struggling for four months morning and night to complete his second prototype, which became a major success.

The Yamaha master craftsmen have always worked hard to ensure that each and every product they craft is of the utmost quality. Yamaha pianos are made to suit pianists ranging from the beginner, who does not even know where to begin, to the highly advanced player.

Broughton Pianos has been in business for over thirty years and specialises in providing excellent customer service and affordable pricing. Yamaha pianos are one of the top selling brands.

Broughton Pianos offers two main types of Yamaha pianos. There are grand pianos and upright pianos. Grand pianos are known for their exquisite artwork and are often quite beautiful. They are also known for their exceptional musical range. This type is most often associated with experienced pianists. Upright pianos are a more cost-effective type of piano that is smaller than a grand piano; and is designed to be effective for all types of playing skills. A beginner is more likely to have better luck learning on an upright piano instead of a grand.

Broughton Pianos not only offers brand new pianos, but they also offer customers the option of selecting a used piano. This allows the customer to still obtain their piano but maybe save some money and stick to their budget. We also refurbish pianos in our factory which allows the buyer an opportunity to obtain high quality Yamaha pianos at a much lower price than what buying a new piano would cost. Price matching is also available both in the store and online.