Why DIY Piano Removal is not Recommended

21st March 2015

When it comes to piano removal DIY is definitely not recommended. The sheer size and weight of pianos make them extremely difficult to lift, carry and navigate, especially if you have no training in piano moving. As well as being potentially dangerous to your health and safety, there is a strong likelihood that you could cause damage to the piano by trying to move it yourself and you may also damage a few doors and walls in the process.

There is an art to piano moving and it has more to do with technique rather than brute force and strength. To move a piano successfully you need to have a good understanding of balance and weight distribution as well as having the correct equipment for the job. This equipment includes a good piano dolly, a piano belt and a hump strap; without these it becomes a virtually impossible task.

Piano carrying techniques

One of the main complications with moving a piano is keeping it balanced, especially if you are carrying it up or down stairs. To perform this effectively, a piano moving crew needs to work in unison and use the piano moving equipment appropriately so that no damage is caused to the piano and so that nobody gets injured in the process.

The piano moving job becomes particularly arduous when there are more than four consecutive low steps that need to be traversed during the move process. At this point the piano needs to be physically carried and requires professional piano carrying techniques to ensure that no major problems occur.

If you have a piano that needs moving then we urge you not to attempt this yourself. At Broughton Pianos we have many years experience of piano moving and removal and our crew are highly trained in piano moving techniques.

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