Why Yamaha Pianos are Becoming the Piano of Choice for Jazz Venues?

25th February 2015

Yamaha Pianos are making a name for themselves with jazz venues all over the world. Last year, Ronnie Scott’s jazz club, London’s legendary venue located in Soho, became the latest venue to introduce Yamaha, selecting and installing a Yamaha CF series grand piano. This follows other recent installations of Yamaha pianos at the Royal Festival Hall, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Abbey Road Studios, Berlin Philarmonie Hall and the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées.

The Quality Yamaha Pianos are also being exclusively used at the modernised renowned Jazz Club St. Louis which is one of America’s premier music venues.

Versatile and durable with great tonal clarity

Yamaha pianos are becoming the piano of choice for the following reasons:

They are extremely versatile; they can be brightened or softened and regulated very easily giving you the ability to play hard and aggressive sounds as well as gentle sounds and timbre.

They are very durable and can be regularly moved around with no detrimental impact on sound.

They have a great tonal clarity with a deep and rich bass.

Yamaha pianos are proving to be incredibly popular with jazz venues and concert halls everywhere and some of the world’s most famous performers play them and extol their virtues.

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