Why you shouldn’t buy a piano from eBay

31st October 2015

Buying a piano is an important decision. It takes research, seeing how far your budget will go and how it will fit into the room that you want it to go in. Whilst eBay may have some real bargains on there, when it comes to pianos, do you really know what you’re getting?

Problems that you can get when buying a piano from auction sites such as eBay include:

  • worn parts
  • old strings
  • poor tuning
  • damage that you can’t see
  • misuse

When buying from eBay you can never really be sure how it has been used, what kind of environment it’s been in and how often it has been tuned. All of these things will have a massive bearing on the quality of the sound and you may have to pay for repairs to get this resolved which really defeats the object of buying it at a bargain price.

Other issues include the lack of warranty with second hand pianos on eBay and having to deal with the transportation yourself. Moving a piano is an art form in itself and this really should be left to the experts. Not to mention the damage you could potentially do to the cabinet whilst in transit.

By purchasing a piano from a respected dealer like Broughtons you will benefit from:

  • Dealer’s and Manufacturer’s warranty
  • More choice
  • Expert tuning
  • Specialist Advice
  • Professional Delivery

For expert advice about pianos, Broughtons is a dealer you can trust.