Yamaha B1 Pianos - Piano for Everyone

23rd September 2014

Upright Pianos have been the preferred choices for homes and schools because of their innate ability to save space. These pianos do not take up a large space like the acoustic piano and yet they have the ability to produce strong and crisp sound. Yamaha is undoubtedly one of the most popular manufacturers of Pianos across the globe. Durability and precision engineering of these pianos is undisputed among the piano lovers fraternity.

B series of Yamaha upright pianos

Yamaha has variety of piano models under each category, however its B series under the upright piano category definitely requires a special mention. Yamaha B1 Pianos have distinctive features, strong sound quality and classy finish and all this at an unbeatable price. Yamaha b1 pianos are the dream come true for entry level piano players. B series pianos offer the same unforgettable piano playing experience but at a lower price.

Specifications of B1 pianos

B1 piano from Yamaha is super compact as it stands just 43” tall. It is 58” wide and 28” deep. In other words, it can easily fit into your suburban apartment. Its keyboard has 88 keys and is smooth as a butter. Beginners can find it extremely easy to practice on this piano because of its smooth keys. It sports 3 pedals and has a braced back.

It has an extremely elegant design which also makes this piano ideal as a centrepiece in your home. This amazing piano does not have front legs which means it looks sleek and stylish. It is extremely space efficient. Speaking about its width of mere 58 inches, it can sit comfortably in your living room providing you with enough legroom to move around. It has a classy finish that gives it a chic yet timeless appearance. It is currently available in black polyester finish, white polyester finish, dark walnut satin finish, simulated walnut polyester finish, polished ebony finish, natural beech satin finish, simulated mahogany polyester finish and natural cherry satin finish.

The sound quality of these pianos is at par with most of the models manufactured by Yamaha. One of the other reasons to love the sound quality of these pianos is that sound travels from piano straight to the hardwood floor since b1 pianos are sans wheels. If you have a strong technique you can easily create several dramatic sound notes with this compact piano.

B1 Vs used piano

Several beginners hunts for used piano because of budget constraints. They are unsure if it is worth investing in an expensive piece until they have mastered the art of playing the piano. However with used pianos they have to compromise on warranty and rely on their luck for getting a steal. Yamaha b1 simply eliminates these issues. The piano is priced in an affordable range for beginners. So one can buy a brand new Yamaha instead of selecting an used piano. This also means beginners no more need to rely on their luck to get a good piano, they simply need to choose a piano from b series of Yamaha.