Yamaha Pianos: Do I buy a new or used Yamaha Grand?

25th November 2014

The answer to whether you should buy a new or used Yamaha Grand Piano is purely down to your budget. Buying new will always give you that peace of mind that you are the first person to own it and if you have the money to invest then buying a brand new Yamaha Grand is a wise decision.

However, if you are working to a budget but would still like to enjoy the quality of a Yamaha Grand Piano then our selection of used Yamaha Grand Pianos presents an excellent opportunity to purchase a high quality piano at a great price.

At Broughton Pianos we have been selling used Yamaha Grand Pianos for many years and we have many satisfied customers who have made a second-hand purchase. The world renowned quality and durability of Yamaha Pianos has ensured that even when used, they represent excellent value and superior quality.

Pianos are reconditioned to the highest standards

We ensure that all of our used Yamaha Grand Pianos are fully tuned, reconditioned and brought back to a showroom standard by our elite piano technicians before leaving our premises. The piano will come with all the guarantees you would expect from a reconditioned piano of such a high quality and our exacting standards will ensure that you’re not disappointed.

Whether you want to purchase new or are interested in a used Yamaha Grand Piano then the team at Broughton Pianos are here to help. Contact us now to discuss your requirements.