Yamaha Silent Series Piano Tour

13th July 2013

On 12th June we held a unique event in our showrooms. Yamaha’s leading international product specialist Bert Smorenburg showcased the new Yamaha Silent Series pianos. His expertise and talents brought to life how the new Yamaha technology can benefit teaching, creativity and recording when combined with the traditional acoustic piano.

The event was a great success, with over 50 piano enthusiasts in attendance. Due to such a positive response, we have decided to hold another similar event in the New Year. Those who attended the event were in agreement that the evening was not only highly entertaining, but that they also learnt a lot from it.

Bert Smorenburg’s wide range of musical talents extend from proficiency on the acoustic piano to various keyboard instruments and synthesizers too. He has a wealth of experience in electronic music and sound engineering, as well as a classical background. The Rotterdam Music University graduate has been Yamaha’s international demonstrator and product specialist for over 12 years and his knowledge of their specific instruments really compliments his sensitivity in playing.

The Yamaha Silent Series are such breakthrough products, combining the best of acoustic and digital instruments. They are the ideal choice for those who want to practise for extended periods without disturbing their neighbours, waking their children or exposing their latest composition before completion. Over the last 100 years Yamaha have finely honed the skills to enable them to develop the finest instruments that accommodate all that the musician needs. The silent piano technology allows the musician to use headphones, this function uses sensitive sensor-technology to interpret the motion of the keys, sending them to the digital tone module. The piano can be played traditionally, but once the silent function is activated the hammers stop hitting the strings and no-one but the person wearing headphones can hear the noise emitted by the piano.

As well as the freedom this function gives to practising sessions, there is also a rich array of pre-installed sounds and some beautiful reverb options to really add expression to your music. You can also record your own performances directly onto USB, meaning they can immediately be shared with friend and family. You can even connect to mobile data, MIDI devices or link it up to external speakers. It really is the perfect fusion of modern technology, with the traditional piano sound.

Our gratitude to Bert Smorenburg for sharing his musical talents and knowledge with us, we all really enjoyed the evening. Thanks also to all of you who attended. If you happened to miss the event, then do keep an eye out for the event next year. If you are interested in the Yamaha Silent Series, then feel free to pay us a visit. We’ll be more than happy to advise you as well as letting you try out the exquisite Yamaha Silent Series pianos.