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Key Factors in choosing the right instrument for you

It’s important to remember that all pianos, even brand new ones are all slightly different. This is why we always advise paying us a visit to come and try an instrument before you buy it. Aside each piano’s nuances there are obviously startling differences, ranging from build and component quality, to size and overall aesthetic. The most important thing to consider when buying a piano is whether it suits you and your needs.


Component Quality

Often considered to be the action, hammers, strings, frame and soundboard, it is these parts that are critical in determining the touch and tone of a piano. Good quality components are essential in providing a good tonal range and depth of sound. The quality of the hammers impacts upon the clarity of sound whilst the nature of the soundboards construction can result in differences to tuning stability.


Build Quality

Build quality is essential in ensuring sound can be delivered efficiency via the improvement of an instruments resonance. A pianos structure also works in conjunction with its components in order to ensure tuning stability resulting in upkeep costs being kept to a minimum, especially with instruments that get high volumes of usage.



It goes without mention that not everyone can house a grand piano in their homes, no matter how much you may want to. Pianos, unlike many other instruments have the potential to massively disrupt a room thanks to their size. It is important to consider that larger pianos have larger frames and therefore longer strings (resulting in better tone, sound quality and volume). Therefore, especially for larger spaces it is important to have as big a frame as possible, however considerations need to be taken as to whether it can fit effectively into your space.



A pianos look can be a massive influence on a decision to buy. Modern trends show that black polyester pianos fit most easily into modern décor, however, our massive range of new and used pianos as well as having our own workshop and French polisher means that we can provide you with almost any finish you desire. Our official links with manufacturers: Yamaha, Wilh. Steinberg, Kingsburg, Kemble and Kawai mean we are often able to order specific finishes for new pianos, if desired.


Prefer a certain feel?

It’s important that your piano responds to your playing style. Our master technician is practised in the art of making a piano’s action tailor made to its player. All you need to know is what you’re looking for in terms of response and balance and the action and hammers can be adjusted accordingly.

The final and most important factor is determining what piano to buy relies upon a combination of all of these factors. If you need any advice on which piano is best for you and your budget then please feel free to call us on 01562 731 113 or pay us a visit.


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