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  1. Yamaha CVP-705 Clavinova Digital Piano

    RRP: £4,342.00

    Our Price: £4,095.00

    The CVP-705 provides a finely tuned digital piano experience with authentic touch, balance and playability. Further to this, the CVP?s wide range of voices and sounds alongside it?s USB recording capabilities make this one of Yamaha?s most versatile digital pianos to date. Although it is clear great focus has been placed on creating a digital piano of the finest quality, the incorporation of so many voices and effects provides a superb mid-point between synthesiser, digital piano and stage piano. This is one instrument we highly recommend you trying out in our showroom, dedicated to the display of all of these fine instruments for you to come in and play at your leisure. Learn More
  2. Yamaha CVP-701 Clavinova Digital Piano

    RRP: £2,424.00

    Our Price: £2,286.00

    Equipped with a colour display, the Clavinova CVP-701 is the perfect choice for any level of pianist looking to invest in a digital piano. Yamaha state that with the Clavinova series, the creation of an authentic piano is at the centre of their mission to create high quality digital instruments. This is certainly true of the CVP-701, which combines acoustic authenticity seamlessly with a digital interface to create an instrument that is as diverse as it is high quality. Learn More
  3. Yamaha Clavinova  CLP 585 Digital Piano

    RRP: £3,510.00

    Our Price: £3,310.00

    The Clavinova CLP-585 represents the perfect coming together of tradition and technology. Situated at the top of Yamaha's upright digital range, the 585 presents the GP Response Damper Pedal, alongside an 88-key Linear Graded Hammer Action, Natural Wood X (NWX) Keyboard and key counterweights. Targeted at creating the most authentic playability possible today, this instrument truly encapsulates the inspiring touch of an acoustic piano. Catering to the individual need of any musician the CLP-585's cabinetry has also been carefully designed to best replicate the sound quality of the CFX Concert grand piano. Accompanying this, the CLP-585 is the only Clavinova in this series to be armed with 3-way speakers. The tri-system has resulted in a sound quality almost indistinguishable from an acoustic instrument. Learn More
  4. Kawai VPC1 (Virtual Piano Controller)

    RRP: £1,250.00

    Our Price: £1,133.00

    The VPC1 is one of the first MIDI controllers to be sold by Kawai. With 88 wooden keys, a RM3 Grand II action, Ivory Touch key surfaces and an articulated action that includes the 3-senson system and Let-Off simulation, this is one of the most authentic MIDI keyboards to have ever been created. Along with its pedals, USB connectivity, and integrated editing software this is by far one of the most advanced MIDI keyboards on the market, echoing the feel of an acoustic piano whilst not sacrificing digital features. Learn More
  5. Kawai MP 7 Stage Piano

    RRP: £1,444.00

    Our Price: £1,331.00

    The MP7 is one of the finest stage pianos available on the market today. Sibling to the top of the range MP11, it shares many of its features; making this a superb alternative for those on a budget. The USB to host, and USB to device functionality allows for it to become part of a wider musical set up, whilst tone wheels and intuitive voice selections incorporate aspects found in synthesisers to facilitate even the most technical of sound profiles. The RHAction III, Ivory Touch key surfaces, triple key sensors and let off features further facilitate the most realistic playing style, as opposed to the somewhat ÔplastickyÕ feel of early digital pianos. Learn More
  6. Kawai MP 11 Stage Piano

    RRP: £2,111.00

    Our Price: £1,926.00

    Out of stock

    The Kawai MP 11 is one of the finest stage/portable digital pianos on the market. With its range of 27 customisable sounds as well as the USB facility for pre-saved set-ups, the MP 11 is capable of allowing any performer to flick between sounds and preferences easily and efficiently both on the stage and in practice. Its excellent finish means that it fits in easily into the home environment, elegantly complimenting any range of décor you may have already. Learn More
  7. Kawai KDP110 Digital Piano

    RRP: £944.00

    Our Price: £819.00

    The KDP110 uses the Advanced Hammer Action IV-F, in order to closely re-create the feel of an acoustic grand piano. Just as in an acoustic instrument, the hammers are weighted differently, a feature that maintains feeling and emotion during fortissimo and pianissimo passages. The Harmonic Imaging technology used ensures that the KDP110's father instrument Ð The Kawai flagship EX Concert Grand Ð is faithfully reproduced, whilst reverb effects can simulate the piano being in different environments. Learn More
  8. Kawai ES-100 Digital Piano

    RRP: £655.00

    Our Price: £589.00

    The ES100 is the latest addition to KawaiÕs range of portable digital pianos. With the ES100, Kawai are synthesising their prestigious 85 year heritage and experience, with a desire to package the best technology in a way that makes it easy for you to get the most you can out of your instrument. The ES100Õs Advanced Hammer Action IV-F provides consistency of motion courtesy of its springless technology. Its full 88-key keyboard seeks to emulate the touch and feel of a grand piano. The ES100Õs main strength though is its diversity. Alone, it can be used as a stage piano that can be easily transported around its home, or transported in the back of a car. It can also be combined with the HML Ð 1 stand, and the F350 pedal accessories, giving it the ability to be erected in almost any environment and treated like an acoustic piano. The perfect option for anyone who needs an instrument for all environments. Learn More
  9. Kawai ES 8 Digital Piano

    RRP: £1,577.00

    Our Price: £1,419.00

    The ES8 is an excellent portable piano from Kawai. Its authentic feel and wide-ranging sound capabilities give it the required versatility for any travelling musician. Learn More
  10. Kawai CS-11 Digital Piano

    RRP: £3,655.00

    Our Price: £3,399.00

    The luxurious appearance of this brand new design typifies a message of quality to all of its potential customers. With a stunning sound impeccable touch, this digital piano has been completely designed by Kawai's premier acoustic division to give you that real acoustic appearance.

    Kawai have been producing world-class musical instruments for over 80 years, while still maintaining their traditional routes. They are always embracing new ideas and have a passion for making high quality pianos.

    Learn More

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Why choose a Digital Piano?


Digital pianos offer a diverse, compact usability that is difficult to find in any acoustic piano (unless it has been fitted with a silent system). we stock a range of digital pianos, catering not only for those seeking to increase the amount of features and sounds their piano is capable of, but also for those who need to occasionally transport their instrument (for say, people moving homes regularly, such as university students). We are recognized as a Kawai Selection Centre, thanks to the comprehensive range of Kawai digital pianos we have fully set up and ready for you to try. If you would like to access the features a digital piano affords you, whilst still owning an acoustic instrument, then please feel free to enquire about our retrofitted silent system or the Yamaha silent pianos. Or, for pianos capable of playing themselves, see the Disklavier system on offer for Yamaha pianos. 

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