DYUS1 E3 Disklavier Upright pianos

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DYUS1 E3 Disklavier Upright pianos

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RRP: £15,850.00

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RRP: £15,850.00

Our Price: £15,349.00



The YUS1 is a premium instrument constructed from high-grade materials by master craftsmen. The hammers and strings are adapted from those found in the top-of-the-range SU7. The smallest of the SU series, this piano is perfect for the pianist who is short on space. Its superior build quality results in a rich, yet balanced tone. In terms of design, Yamaha has gone into incredible detail to make sure that this is one of the finest uprights they have ever created; with a soft closing fallboard and double casters for ease of use. This model also comes equipped with the Yamaha Disklavier E3 system in order to ensure the ultimate piano experience is on offer. This makes the YUS1 not only a fine acoustic instrument, but also one that can play itself, amongst other features.

Additional Information

Model DYUS1 E3
Height 121cm (4')
Width 152cm (5')
Length 61cm (2')
Weight 252kg (556lbs)
Number of Keys 88
Number of Pedals 3
Casters Yes