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Yamaha have been crafting pianos since 1887, building a long-established tradition for quality, design and craftsmanship.

Why choose a Yamaha Piano?

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Yamaha have been crafting pianos since 1887, building a long-established tradition for quality, design and craftsmanship. Their ‘Kando’ objective aims to synchronise technology and passion in order to create a superior product. All of the major parts for Yamaha pianos are made in their own workshop, by master craftsmen to guarantee a perfect quality and balance. It is this ethos, reputation and masterful execution that have led to such a high uptake by the musical world, with celebrity musician ambassadors such as Elton John, Jamie Cullum and Norah Jones, all choosing to use Yamaha pianos.

The depth and range of Yamaha’s catalogue means they cater for pianists ranging from the budding student to the experienced master, with a range of grand and upright pianos meaning there is a Yamaha piano for anyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Yamaha pianos so popular?

Why are Yamaha pianos so popular?

Yamaha's master craftsmen have always used the highest quality materials combined with experienced and skilled hands to construct each Yamaha piano by hand. All instruments by Yamaha have had each detail finely explored so that it can be suitable for all players, from the very beginner to the professional musician. Yamaha has been the leader throughout the years and here are just four reasons why:

  • Consistent Quality

Yamaha pianos across the ranges are of constant high quality, whether it be a grand piano or a keyboard, the same care and high quality of materials will have been used during construction.

  • Unbeatable Sound Quality

Yamaha enables even a digital keyboard player to produce sounds worthy of a concert hall.

  • Mechanics Quality

The mechanics of a Yamaha piano are consistently balanced and this is an aspect of quality that is essential for a piano to maintain good play. How the keys feel, pedals endure and how well the hammers work all play a vital role in making the piano play as best it can and this is known and considered by Yamaha.

  • Value for money

Yamaha pianos are expensive but this is well justified when you consider the following information; it has taken a team up to a year to build your Yamaha piano! In addition to this, the materials used are of the highest quality; from the mahogany and ebony woods to the ivory and silk finishes. Yamaha pianos are not in short supply and their fair price reflects this, although each Yamaha piano is made with no compromising on quality or cutting of corners so this means a player is getting better value for their investment, compared to other models.

Is a Yamaha digital piano as good as a Yamaha acoustic piano?

A Yamaha digital piano is a different instrument than a Yamaha acoustic piano, although both Yamaha instruments can be equally enjoyed by pianists of all levels. The main difference between the instruments are the sounds produced, although similar they are not the same. An acoustic piano's sounds are produced by felt-covered hammers striking steel-wire strings when the piano keys are pressed, a digital piano doesn't have these mechanisms and produces sound through electronic speakers playing back the recordings of acoustic pianos. In addition to original piano sounds, a digital piano leaves a pianist freer to explore the sounds of various instruments such as a church organ, or even guitars, at the touch of a button which can make a performance more varied. It depends on what a player is looking for from their piano as to whether a digital piano or an acoustic would be more suitable.

Are Yamaha digital pianos better for children?

A Yamaha digital piano has lots of fun technology installed to allow for creativity when learning to play the piano. Children can experiment with different sounds, such as; 'church organ', 'guitar', and 'harp', which can help to keep a young learner interested in nurturing the skill of playing the piano. There is also the add on of headphones which parents may appreciate, as well as more self-conscious or dedicated children, who want to play their keyboard for hours on end! If a child is taking keyboard lessons at home or at school then a keyboard is easy to transport to different locations outside of the home - fitting in most car boots and being fairly light to carry. A Yamaha keyboard is also suitable for adult learners or more advanced players too, as there is room for musical expression and skill development. In our shop, you can learn all the information about each item and your children can experiment with any digital piano on our list page they like the look of, free of charge, with no obligation to buy.

Is a Yamaha keyboard the best you can buy?

Yamaha has considered all pianists, from beginner level to intermediate players, and has made it so players of all levels and skill can enjoy playing their Yamaha digital piano. With a wide range of expressions, capabilities, tones, and notes these instruments allow for skill development, growth, and endless enjoyment. A high-end digital piano, such as those built by Yamaha, are built better structurally than many other brands. Yamaha uses tougher metals, solid plastics, better electrical parts, and piano keys that are durable enough to withstand lots of wear and tear. In general, a digital piano will have a life span of 20 to 50 years, a Yamaha digital piano will be at the further end of this.

Can I develop my skills with a Yamaha digital, piano package?

Any piano can help to develop skills but a digital piano has a list of benefits for learns, some of which acoustic pianos don't provide. They're portable, lightweight, require no tuning, and are not sensitive to extreme temperatures or humidity. All these mean that a beginner player can start to play their piano without having to worry about anything else. Digital pianos have headphone jacks and volume controls that allow the practice to be a more private affair and some pianos can be connected to a PC to enable the player to work with a series of intuitive, specialized software and apps which can help, nurture and develop the skill. Most of these are of little cost or even free. There are precision and flexibility provided from these instruments that are required by even the most professional player.

Why should I choose a Yamaha digital?

A digital piano is a perfect choice for many people - those who are limited on space, people who may not want a large initial outlay or to spend much time or money maintaining a piano at home. Here is a list of the top reasons a digital piano can be one of the better instruments to consider:

  • No maintenance: Due to a digital piano having no hammers or strings, there is no need to have the piano tuned
  • Headphone compatibility: Being able to attach headphones to your piano means that practice can occur at any time, day or not, without disturbing anyone else
  • Sound quality: The strategic positioning of the speakers mean acoustic piano sounds are recreated
  • Record yourself: Monitor your own performance by recording and playing back your piano play
  • Metronome inbuilt: This helps to develop a rhythmic ability
  • App integration: There are many free apps out there compatible with digital pianos to help learn to play the instruments, teach different songs, and grow a player's skill. This can help to ensure motivation and be a fun way of learning for novice players or children.

Yamaha, White or Black: Is it best to get a white Yamaha digital piano or a black Yamaha digital piano series?

The colour of a piano is not going to have any bearing on its playability or sound quality, it's merely cosmetic. Many years ago it was the case that a white piano may lose its colour over time but this issue was rectified by all the major brands, including Yamaha. Most digital pianos, and all made by Yamaha, are coated in polyurethane and this stops any fluids and/or stains from being absorbed into the woodwork of the instruments. A black piano may show fingermarks more prominently than a white, but these are easily removed with a microfibre cloth. When considering the colour, it really is down to what item would look best in the room you're wanting to keep the instruments in.

Can I get my money back if I change my mind about my Yamaha piano?

We have every item thoroughly checked by qualified technicians before they can even be added to a wishlist or basket. We want customers to be 100% satisfied with their item and we list all the relevant information about every item for sale to ensure mistakes aren't made when ordering. Information includes instrument dimensions, specs, colour, finish and delivery information. In the unlikely event, there is a fault with an item we will do our best to rectify this. If it is a change of mind then our team will work with you to find an alternative instrument.

Is a Yamaha piano the full package?

With a Yamaha a player has a piano that really does have it all; superior musical range, high-quality materials, and expert craftsmanship for its construction. A Yamaha piano is built to stand the test of time, being equally enjoyable to play or watch. They're also a financial investment. Whereas a lot of piano brands will lose their value over time, there are exceptions to this rule and these brands include Yamaha, as well as Steinway, Bosendorfer, and Fazil. These brands of piano are of consistently high quality so a Yamaha will usually hold its original value.