Adsilent System Upright & Grand

This silent system can be fitted to any upright piano or grand piano and comes with a 5-year guarantee!

Andreas Dütz developed adsilent alongside team of experts in Japan and Europe. European specialists also recorded the 9 sample layers and 128 dynamic levels that give the system its unique sound quality. The high precision of the key and pedal sensors mean that you can produce a realistic performance even when the silent system is active.

With adsilent, you can produce recordings with Bluetooth MIDI, listen to piano student play through an additional set of headphones. You can access your recorded MIDI data using the adsilent App and can record in audio format by connecting the system via a cable to your computer or stereo system. You can use music editing software such as GarageBand by connecting your mobile phone, laptop or PC via USB MIDI. If you want to go wireless, bluetooth MIDI is also available for smartphones and tablets! With 10 memory banks, you will have plenty of space to store any recording you make. You can adjust the tuning, reverb, tone, use a metronome, transpose your playing and even adjust the volume of an individual key. You can also adjust many of these features using the adsilent app. There are 127 sounds including e-pianos and church organs. If you find that you really love one sound combined with another, you can easily find this again by saving it as a preset user sound.

All these recording functions mean you can send and share your creative work with friends and family-or even your tutor! You can also share your recording through iTunes when using the adsilent app. School music departments could benefit from having this system fitted to a couple of pianos within the same room! If students prefer to control the silent system away from their phones, they can use the control panel located on the piano.

Please speak to us in our showroom, contact us or call us on 01562 544251 if you are interested in having this system fitted to one of our acoustic pianos.