Silent Pianos

With a Silent Piano, you can play silently without distracting others, resulting in a seamless introduction into the home environment.

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Why choose a Silent Piano?

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Silent systems are brilliant for beginner and more advanced pianists who want to practice when it's not so convenient for everyone else in the same room, or the same building. Despite the beautiful sound of the piano, we all know just how much it can also disturb others when being played at certain times of day! However, by having a silent system fitted to your piano, you will be able to play whenever you feel like it! Once your silent system is turned on and your headphones are plugged in, a mute rail will stop the hammers just before they hit the strings and sensors beneath the keys will convert each key movement into data that will travel to your headphones. At Broughton Pianos we stock a range of silent systems from a variety of brands, some of which do even more than just silence your piano!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better, an acoustic piano or a silent piano?

This all depends on your goals and your playing style. A silent piano allows you to enjoy playing without disturbing those around you. You enjoy all of the same benefits of the instrument, including incredible sound quality, but you will hear this through piano headphones rather than through the acoustic piano mechanism.

An acoustic piano is perfect for performance, but when you want to play discreetly, silent pianos offer the ideal combination of sound quality and flexibility. You can also connect your silent piano system to a computer and record your performance directly into your chosen software. Every note is captured by the powerful sensors that mute the hammers before they hit the strings.

Which company makes the best silent piano systems?

We stock a wide selection of digital pianos and instruments that are ideal for silent playing. World renowned piano makers Yamaha offer a selection of silent pianos that will enhance your appreciation for the instrument.

A Yamaha silent piano is an ideal investment for any serious player. We also stock pianos by C.Bechstein, Kawai and W. Hoffman. Choose from an upright piano or a baby grand piano to make an impressive statement in your home.

Is a silent piano the same as a digital piano?

Silent pianos and digital pianos are not the same thing. A silent piano has all of the inner mechanisms of an acoustic piano, with the capability to silence the inner mechanism before it hits the strings. A digital piano uses technology to replace the need for the inner mechanism of the piano.

A digital piano can be played with headphones, but it is not a true silent piano, as it uses technology to replicate the experience. The benefits of a digital piano includes the option to play different instrument styles from samples, including a realistic sounding organ or harpsichord.