Yamaha Upright Pianos

A huge selection of Yamaha upright pianos for every budget and skill level

Why choose a Yamaha Upright Piano?

As the world’s largest piano manufacturer, Yamaha has cornered the market in high quality and affordable pianos, making music more accessible to learners around the world. In 1887, Yamaha’s founder Torakusu Yamaha repaired a broken reed piano and so the company was born. The company has been producing pianos and reed organs since 1900, later moving into digital instruments. The breadth of instruments available today makes the Yamaha brand a versatile option for professional and beginner musicians alike. We offer a selection of new and quality used Yamaha upright pianos for musicians of all abilities. You can also explore our range of Yamaha digital pianos and our selection of used Yamaha pianos in our Belbroughton showroom.