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Top quality Hidrau stools made using the finest materials and incorporating the latest technology!

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Hidrau is an internationally recognised piano stool manufacturer with 45 years experience in manufacturing piano benches. Hidrau stools are exported to more than 40 countries and serve the most prestigious operas, theatres, international events, colleges, academies, and universities in Europe as well as Russia, Japan, the USA, Australia, Asia. Hidrau not only makes piano stools and piano benches but are also highly engaged in today's music culture. They highly value educating and inspiring the next generation of young musicians by providing opportunities through organising piano competitions and by collaborating with other organisations that work to help young musicians.

The Hidrau model factory was founded by Antonio Romera in 1975 and has always been driven by innovation and the search for the newest materials, technology and designs to create not only the most comfortable stools but stools that are works of art! Through design research and technological development at the end of the 1990's, Hidrau now has a range of products that are not only sustainable and built to last but are often customisable to suit the needs of professional pianists.

One of the best ways Hidrau makes its stools suitable for the comfort and convenience of pianists is is by incorporating the HidrauTech system into many of their piano stools. By turning the knob on the side of the bench by just 30 degrees, the duel gas spring system effortlessly facilitates piano bench height adjustment automatically and quietly. Only Hidrau provides stools on the market that incorporate this amazing technology, all for the convenience of the pianist.

Hidrau uses quality materials and wood such as European origin beech and high quality stains and varnishes in a variety of colours to produce the best stools on the market. Synthetic leather and other leather stools have been hand-crafted with brass and chrome options available to match the same colour fittings of your piano.

At Broughton Pianos we stock top quality Hydraulic stools from the Hidrau Academy series (great stools for conservatories) and the Hidrau Classy series (suitable for grand pianos and the most advanced pianists). We also stock stools from the Hidrau Spirit series that boast great character and uniqueness. Stools vary in appearance from slim, minimalist designs to sturdy, classic-looking concert stools and longer homely piano benches.