Kawai Silent Systems

Our range of Kawai silent systems come built into a variety of different upright and grand pianos. These pianos are known as silent pianos because they can also be played in silent mode, as well as in their usual acoustic setting. This means you can practice anytime using headphones! When the muting system stops the hammers just before they hit the strings you will hear the piano as a digital sound through your headphones and have the sound of an SK-EX concert grand piano right at your finger tips. The integrated hammer sensing system helps to capture your playing as accurately as possible, allowing you to play more fluently with a responsive touch and express the full dynamic range.

We have three systems: the ATX3L, ATX4 and AURES2! All these Kawai silent systems include many sound samples that you can choose from such as electric pianos, church organs, strings, choirs and synths, along with being able to transpose and use a metronome. You can even adjust the reverb and imagine yourself in a small practise room or cathedral! Two people can also enjoy using any one of these silent systems together, by listening through two sets of headphones.

ATX3L Silent System

If you are looking for a piano that gives you all the features you need to simply silence your piano, then the Kawai ATX3L is for you! This is available on the K-15 upright piano and the E200. Simply plug in headphones and enjoy the many other digital features this system has to offer whilst still being able to play a traditional upright piano with Kawai's Ultra Responsive action!

Kawai's harmonic imaging technology has been used to reproduce the sound quality of an SK-EX concert grand piano so that the individual character and tone of each one of the 88 keys has been recorded.

You can select 19 different sound samples, use preset effects and make adjustments using the virtual technician. You can also connect your piano to a computer via USB connection, use the piano as MIDI keyboard and connect to external speakers using the headphone slot.

ATX4 Silent System

The ATX4 enables you to use Bluetooth MIDI and wireless audio connectivity, so that you can extend your creativity by playing along to other tracks, record & playback your performances and also control many functions using the PianoRemote app. This means you can connect to exciting music related apps and stream music through the headphones without cables. You can also use the app to select 90 different sound samples, 24 types of effects, 10 beat types, 100 rhythm patterns, and to access the built-in music library. The app also lets you control dual, split and four hand mode where different samples can be played simultaneously .

The SK-EX sample has been created by recording this grand piano from many different points and angles (multi-channel sampling) using an advanced rendering sound system to produce an authentic sound. The resonances of the strings, damper pedal and the resonance produced by each of the 88 keys, has been recorded with the utmost precision and more levels of key velocity and key resonance have been captured. There are even more adjustments (21 in total) that can be made using the virtual technician such as cabinet resonance & hammer noise. There are also many lesson functions available.

USB & MIDI jacks are also available for connecting to computers or other instruments. You can also plug the piano into external speakers if you want to listen to the digital sounds of your piano out-loud. The headphones have 3 spacial headphone settings that can be adjusted to change the spacial positioning of the sound. You can also select the headphone type being used; Open, Semi-open, Closed, In-Ear, Canal.

The ATX4 silent system is available with GX-2, GL-30 & GL-10 Grand pianos and also with the K-500, K300, K-200 upright pianos.

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AURES2 Silent System

As well as having bluetooth & wireless audio connectivity like the ATX4, the AURES2 has a most unique feature, where it uses high performance transducers built onto the soundboard, to amplify the digital sounds.

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