PianoDisc is able to transform your acoustic upright or grand piano into a digital hybrid player piano!

Pianodisc has been going for over 30 years! PianoDisc is able to transform your acoustic upright or grand piano into a digital hybrid player piano!

At Broughton Pianos we offer the PianoDisc Prodigy Entertainment Player System, where you can ask the piano to play a song or piece of music using an App!

Optional Additional Systems:

There is the option to add some fantastic things to your Prodigy Entertainment Player System!

•If you also add PianoDisc ProRecord, this allows you to record your own piano performance and the piano will then be able to play your performance back to you on the keys.

•One last thing you can add is QuietTime! This will turn on a mute rail to silence the piano whilst allowing you to play with headphones.

Live Entertainment

PianoDisc Prodigy - Entertainment Player System

If you install the PianoDisc Prodigy Entertainment system onto almost any acoustic or grand piano, the piano will be able to self-play many songs from the PianoDisc music library that is accessible through an App. The PianoDisc IQ Player App gives you access to the PianoDisc music library which has over 400 songs for your piano to play, along with PianoDisc Radio where you can find thousands of songs and videos across different genres. This means that you can control your piano using either an Apple i-plad, i-phone, android, computer, smart home, HomePod, Amazon Echo, Apple Watch and even voice assisted technology. You can also create your own playlists! All of your PianoDisc music is stored on your device so that it's instantly accessible.

As well as being able to adjust the volume, you can use the balance control to change the volume of the background instruments or vocals that play along with some of the songs. The sound of the backing instruments can be heard from speakers located beneath the piano. The best thing is, you won't even be able to see the Pianodisc Prodigy physical hardware, as this will be installed into the main part of the piano where it is hidden away. PianoDisc's AlwaysPlay feature even allows you to ask the piano to play any MIDI files and converts instrumental parts to piano playing music.

This system is brilliant for hotels, reception areas, restaurants, places of worship, retirement centres and anywhere you want to host top-quality entertainment!

Follow the link below to find the PianoDisc IQ player app on the Apple App Store:

IQ Player App

What can I add on to my Prodigy Entertainment system?


If you also purchase the optional Pianodisc ProRecord system, you will be able to record yourself playing on the piano and listen to your own performance play back to you on the piano. This is perfect for composers, song-writers, music schools and piano teachers! This system will really give you a good idea of what your playing sounds like when you sit and listen to it.

How does it work?

Your playing will be recorded using an optical MIDI sensing record strip beneath the keys. During playback, the movement of the keys are controlled by Solenoids (tubular electromagnets) that are fixed beneath the keys and pedals which push each key upwards to make it play. This system is so advanced that it has 1,024 levels of expression where different elements of key movement and velocity have been captured. Again, you can use the iQ player app to control the playback!

How can I store and edit my recordings?

There are 10 available song banks where you can store any recordings of yourself that you would like the piano to play back to you. You can control everything via the ProRecord App. Even though you can only play back one track at a time, the system is also compatible with other apps such as Symphinc Evolution that allows you to do multi-track recording. You can also interact with apps such as Garagband and Piano Marvel.

Ultimately, this system can become a fully versatile synthesisor right at your finger tips! The sound module with 88 different synthesised sounds can be accessed through the optical sensor strip beneath the keys. For example, you can play along to the sound of the strings that are sounding from the lower notes on the piano. You can also adjust the pitch and different sounds using reverb, dynamic curves and transposition. A built-in metronome and stero headphones are also included.

How can I connect to the piano whilst using ProRecord?

You can connect the system to external speakers and connect wireless headphones - however, we recommend using wired headphones for a better experience! You can connect your piano via Bluetooth, Analog, TOSLINK, MIDI 5-pin DIN, USB, and Bluetooth MIDI.


If you want to practice without disturbing the neighbours, you can also add QuietTime to your PianoDisc player piano. This means that a mute rail will be incorporated into the inside of the piano to silence the keys by stopping the hammers hitting the strings. Instead of the action working as normal, the Optical MIDI Record/Sensor Sytem will capture the movement of the keys and convert it into MIDI data that will then play back through the headphones. Music departments, music schools, piano students and anyone living in close proximity to others will greatly benefit from having this system installed on their piano!

How will my PianoDisc system be installed?

All pianodisc systems will be installed by our certified Piano Technicians at Broughton Pianos so that you can enjoy the new experience this brings fuss-free and as quickly as possible. The installation will not affect any of the instrument's normal functions. Our delivery team will come and collect your piano and bring it to our showroom where the system will be installed in the workshop and returned to you once the process is complete!