C.Bechstein Vario Duet Silent System

The Vario Duet Silent System, is one system that can be fitted to any grand or upright pianos within the C. Bechstein or W.Hoffman range.

You can control this using the control unit attached to the piano or through the Free Vario App available for Android and iOS devices. The piano is muted by using the premium C.Bechstein interposing hammar bar that stops the hammers just before they hit the strings. You can then hear yourself playing through the headphones. There are two headphone jacks meaning you could have a teacher and student both playing together and listening to each other! This is perfect if you don't want a piano lesson to disturb everyone else in the house. If you connect to the Vario app via bluetooth or USB-C connection you will be able to adjust reverb, key sensitivity and lots more. The reverb can take you from a small room to a concert hall. Three contactless sensors also measure your use of the pedals. The source of the main sound is the C.Bechstein Concert D282 and there are 19 sounds available-all of which can be enjoyed through headphones! You'll find yourself playing back your own performances through headphones, playing along to a metronome and saving your favourite sounds to the system!

This particular Vario Duet silent system also includes Vario Connect features that allow you to connect via bluetooth MIDI (or USB-C) to music editing and notation software such as Sibelius, Dorico or Finale, Logic, Ableton and Cubase. This means you can get really creative by combining your playing with loops and samples! Sensors installed beneath the keys and pedals record your playing as realistically and accurately as possible. This means not only can you silence the acoustic sound of your piano, but also use the piano as large MIDI keyboard. You are able to share MIDI and audio recordings through messaging and social media using iOS devices and can transfer MIDI data using the app for sharing via applications such as AirDrop.

Please speak to us in our showroom, contact us or call us on 01562 544251 if you are interested in having this system fitted to one of our C. Bechstein or W.Hoffman pianos.

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