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Why choose a Yamaha Grand Piano?

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For over 100 years, Yamaha has been satisfying the demands of musicians across the globe and has become the world's largest musical instrument company. Yamaha's unique combination of the very best traditional craftsmanship and cutting edge digital technology offers the player the ultimate in sound quality and musical performance. We are able to provide the full range of Yamaha upright and Yamaha grand pianos at guaranteed discount prices. We will aim to beat any genuine advertised list price and are confident that you won't get a better all-round deal from anywhere else. If you enquire with us about your wishlist product being cheaper somewhere else, we will review the information and strive to get back to you with a price match or better sale price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Yamaha the best Grand Piano?

Yamaha is a household name because they are manufacturers of some of the greatest pianos in the world. Yamaha grand pianos are also a great financial investment - built to endure generations of skilled and unskilled hands learning the instrument. Every item used to construct these pianos is of the highest quality, from the rich mahogany woods to the silk finishes and everything else in between. Yamaha grand pianos can take a full year to create, with skilled craftsmen finely tuning every detail. This is all reflected by the generations of music entertainment the Yamaha grand pianos can provide.

What are the benefits of music from a grand piano?

There are many health benefits that come with playing Yamaha grand pianos, both emotional and physical. Music has a significant effect on a person’s mental wellbeing. Often music is associated with a reduction in stress, anxiety, and depression. Music can also keep many of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and other age-related neurological conditions at bay, by stimulating brain activity and releasing endorphins that help to keep a mind in a state of peace and tranquility. Studies suggest that music helps those already living with Alxziemeners to stay connected to who they are, as well as to the world around them and their loved ones and cherished memories. Music taps into a person’s experiences and identity, it resonates deeply with people.

How often should a Yamaha grand piano be tuned?

Yamaha pianos are expensive instruments, for a grand piano to be an investment it must be well cared for. This includes regular home maintenance and often help from outside professionals, such as piano technicians, tuners, and cleaners. It is advised for the first 12 months, a new Yamaha Grand Piano should be tuned a total of four times - making a list of the seasons and booking a piano tuning for this is a handy way to ensure you don’t overlook this. Following the first yet, a Grand Piano should be tuned every 6 to 12 months. At Broughton Pianos, we have experienced piano tuners who can take care of this for you as well as being able to provide any diagnostics and repairs if required. In addition to tuning, you also need to be ensuring that the inside of the piano is kept free from dust. You can do this yourself with a damp, not wet, cloth and a handheld hoover. If this has been overlooked then a professional clean may be required.

What is the best grand piano brand for a beginner?

There isn’t a scientific formula to measure the true value and quality of pianos. It’s a combination of action, sound, tone, history, and skill in construction. The greatest piano manufacturers create a series of timeless instruments that produce unrivaled audio, be that range, tone, or power. As such, selecting the best piano is very much a matter of opinion. For those wanting to learn to play the piano, or for parents looking to buy their child their first piano, one of the most daunting tasks is to find the most suitable piano for a beginner. With such a large range of models, brands, shapes, and sizes it can be difficult to choose the best personal fit. The first step is to determine if you want a digital piano, keyboard, or grand piano - all have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you buy a piano from a reputable brand such as Yamaha you’re guaranteed a high-quality instrument. You can enquire about any wishlist item with our team who can tell you of any current offers on our instruments and provide you with all the information about our products before you add to basket. If you do change your mind after buying a Yamaha grand our team will consider the information you give and see if we can come up with an alternative Yamaha grand that you may find more suitable.

What's the difference between grand pianos and a digital piano?

There is a list of differences between a grand piano and a digital piano; their size, appearance, audio quality, mechanisms, transportability, and monetary value. It depends on what you want out of your grand piano as to whether a grand piano or a digital piano would be the most suitable. At Broughton Pianos, we do have a rental service where you can rent grand pianos through our website, with no obligation to buy, which could help you to make your choice between the two instruments. You can also view our Yamaha instruments in our showroom before making your special order.

You can have your skills polished whilst being silent to everyone else

Generally speaking regarding instruments, a grand piano is more of a special order. It’s the top choice of classical pianists, music legends, and often the focal point of galas, concerts, and events. A grand pianos sound is uncompromised, natural, rich, and deep with harmonic transitions and the ability to project sound around magnificently large spaces. A digital piano doesn’t have its own hammers or strings and its audio is produced through electronic speakers that mimic the audio of acoustic pianos, such as a Yamaha grand. A high end, Yamaha digital piano can produce as good audio, or better, as a lower end acoustic piano and is often the preferred choice for people who have smaller spaces and budgets. With a digital piano, there is the further advantage of little-to-no maintenance - not the case with Grand Pianos.

Am I just paying for a name with a Yamaha?

No, you’re paying for consistently high-quality instruments that comes with the name Yamaha. Yamaha is one of the most popular brands amongst classic pianists and this is for a number of reasons. Grand pianos by Yamaha produce music that is special - second-to-none, the comfort of play is unrivalled and the instruments are built to last, making pianos Yamaha somewhat of a significant financial investment. You get what you pay for with pianos Yamaha and this is never more the case than with a Yamaha Grand Piano.

Are used pianos for sale as good new pianos?

A 50-year-old, well-cared-for Grand Piano can be in much better condition than a 5-year-old badly treated Grand Piano. Although age should be considered if you’re buying used instruments online, it isn’t as important as the maintenance history of the instrument. To buy a used piano online takes much thought, it may look perfect on the outside, but inside could be a different matter altogether. You should always enquire with the seller and make sure that when you do enquire you ask the right questions, such as if they have a service history for the grand piano and if you can arrange to view it before committing to buying. If a grand piano hasn’t been regularly maintained, serviced, tuned, or cleaned it could have rusted beyond repair. You may find a used grand piano on a list page of piano special offers where many pre-loved instruments, including guitars, will have great offers and sale discounts at your time of order.